5 Tato Health Hazard Which Often Forgotten

For some young people, especially males, make a tattoo (tattoo or tattoo) in the body often make pertinent feel proud. They consider a tattoo is something that is "cool", so enjoy aja they make tattoos on the hands, legs, chest, and in other parts of the body. In fact, tattooing a lot of dangers to health.

Tattoos danger to health has been frequently featured in various writings. For example, a tattoo can cause allergies, especially for those who do not match the ink used. Also can be infected with hepatitis C infection if needles used are not clean or sterile.

5 Tato Health Hazard Which Often Forgotten

But ironically writings about the dangers and consequences of tattoos echo lost in the excitement of young people who want to get a tattoo in different cities. As if a bad thing in terms of health it is something trivial.

Just to remind again, the following five tattoos for health hazards is often forgotten


The process of tattooing was done with care and sterile but by case some are made with non-sterile. The process to make a tattoo that is not sterile is especially at risk of HIV infection (human imunodeficiency virus) and hepatitis C. Hepatitis C infection can lead to cirrhosis or liver hardening and continue to be cancer.

Reportedly one of the consequences of tattoos occurred in New York in 2012 which is a microbial infection with Mycobacterium chelonae. The cause of this infection is the use of tattoo inks gray contaminated. The infection is mentioned very rare. However, if the tattoo experience swelling, redness or inflammation immediately contact the nearest doctor.


When you first create a tattoo may not arise allergic reactions. But that does not mean that the relevant completely safe, because it could have an allergic reaction appear in next tattoo. Allergies because tattoos are very likely to appear until the tattoo second, third and so on. Or from the same tattoo but emerged a few months later.

Allergy to tattoos usually can be treated with steroid injections. But there are also cases where the skin in the area affected by allergy tattoo to be removed surgically.


These include tattoos that must be wary of the dangers of the fans rajah. As is known to most skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma can often be detected from the change in the texture of the skin surface. Well, tattooing often obscure change in the texture on the surface of the skin.

One report states that in 2013 of melanoma in a man is detected when the man remove tattoos with a laser. Whereas previously there were aware of the symptoms of cancer because obscured by the tattoo black.


Some types of tattoo ink containing cadmium. The content of cadmium can increase the risk of sunburn due to sun exposure. And the most commonly reported cause skin reactions exposure to sunlight is the color inks yellow, black, red and blue.


Based on the report in 2011, a professional soccer player suffered burns while performing an MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging). The burns were found on the black color tattoos on his body.

The report also states that, burns were the result of electrical current generated by the tattoo ink containing iron oxide. In addition to black, red tattoo ink also reported to contain much iron. Owner of the tattoo in black and red is recommended to be careful.

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