6 How To Cook Healthy Nutrition And Not Spoil

The way we process food will affect the nutrient content and health. Cooking with proper and healthy way would be to maintain the nutritional content, and ease of essential substances in food is absorbed by our bodies. Instead of cooking the wrong way will ruin the nutritional and healthy foods rich in nutrients change into a less healthy foods.


Cooking food with high temperatures, for example, will destroy vitamin, folate and potassium contained in vegetables by up to 20 percent. On the other hand there are several types of water-soluble vitamins, if we cook with water. Or some oil-soluble vitamins, if we cook with oil. Of course this is very detrimental to us all. How to cook healthy and do not damage the nutritional content of food?

How to cook a healthy means minimizing the damage or loss of nutrients present in food due to the cooking process. There are at least six ways of cooking that is considered most healthy and minimize damage to food nutrients.

Steaming. Steaming food will make the taste and the nutritional content of food is maintained. You could say all kinds of foods from vegetables to fish can be cooked by steaming.
Boil. Boil the food is a way of cooking that is simple and anyone can do it quickly. We only need to provide enough water and a little salt. Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and zucchini (green cucumber-like vegetable) is recommended to be cooked by boiling. To be more awake vitamins in vegetables try a short cooking time, the temperature is not too high and not too much water.
Burn. That is how to cook the food directly enter into the fire or heat. Burning food is quite popular in our society, for example, to ripen the meat or skewers.
Grilling. This is the preferred way of cooking to gain a sense of tender meat and fresh. However, several studies reported that cooking techniques such as grilling can trigger the risk of breast cancer and pancreatic cancer.
Sauteing. Cooking with sauteing way requires only a small amount of oil. Most foods can be cooked by pan-fried. One of the many preferred of these cooking methods is much variety in the menu and taste make it.
Using microwave. This way of cooking is by using microwaves. Microwave cooking is one of the most practical ways to cook, healthy and efficient in the long term.

Which are also popular in the community is consumed without cooking raw food (raw food). According to those who live it, eat raw food is the healthiest way to eat because of the nutrients and nutritional foods will not be damaged or missing. Japanese people including the nation that likes to consume raw foods.

However, some people have mentioned that eating raw foods will cause your body does not get some important substances, such as antioxidants in carrots and spinach, or lycopene in tomatoes.

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