9 Health Benefits for Body Massage

Massage and massage for our society is not new. Massage and sequence is often performed to treat parts of the body aches, muscle aches, sprains etc. Massage therapists did not lose much either traditional or modern massage massage.

9 Health Benefits for Body Massage

Diligent body massage turned out to have many health benefits. During this massage is often considered just relax back muscles tense and gives a relaxing effect. But the real body massage is an investment in health is very useful if routine. For example a massage once a week or once every two weeks.


Our society is familiar with a variety of body massage, some of which are even very popular. Here are:

  1. Reflexology. This is a local massage on foot or back foot where there are reflex points connected to other organs. Reflexology is done by the power of your fingers or with a massage tools, such as wood or bamboo.
  2. Traditional massage. With the use of oil in massage, traditional massage is done using massage techniques from fingers with palms force. Traditional massage therapy is suitable for treatment and relaxation.
  3. Massage Thailand. Using hands, feet, elbows, body, and pressing techniques, twisted, interesting but still maintain a balance.
  4. Or Japanese Shiatsu massage. Using the power of the whole finger from thumb to pinkie. Shiatsu massage without using oil.


Body massage for health benefits disclosed by Jennifer Goldsworthy, LMT, founder and owner of holistic health clinic ShenMindBody. He said there are at least nine benefits of massage for health if we are diligent to do so, as quoted by Female First.

  1. Reduce fatigue. Massage is done with a strained muscle stimulates the brain to release feel the sensation of tiredness and freer.
  2. Reduce pain. Body massage can reduce joint pain, chronic migraine, and reduces muscle tension neck and shoulder.
  3. Detoxification of toxins. Massage can improve the ability of lymph nodes along the blood, in charge of supplying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, and further detoxify or remove toxins from the body.
  4. More optimal body function. Massage performed skin will nourish the skin, and the impact is felt also by our internal organs. So that the function of the body and mind become more optimal.
  5. So exercise maximum. Excessive sports activities often cause pain, soreness and stiffness. Massage can reduce these feelings, and if done regularly will increase their endurance and muscles during exercise so it does not get tired. Diligent massage will also speed up muscle recovery after exercise.
  6. Health is more awake. Diligent massage will maintain overall body health. Such as increasing the body's immune system, so the more quality sleep, improve blood circulation and muscle tension is reduced.
  7. Healthier respiratory system. When massaged, the body will naturally breathe more slowly and deeply. Activity took a deep breath in and then removing it slowly will make it easier circulation of oxygen to flow into the body so as to help the healing process and a healthy respiratory system.
  8. More ideal posture. Body massage is very beneficial for the health of the spine and surrounding muscles become more supple and flexible. Indirectly it will make your posture better and ideal.
  9. Joints more flexible and not rigid. Too much activity and too many moves the joints can adversely affect the health and growth. Massage the body will reduce the strain on the joints and restore joint flexibility after the rest of the body. If the joints feel sore after the massage, it can be a sign of a point of tension in our bodies. Therefore, regular massage is necessary to restore the ailing joints.

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