Acne in Infants, Causes and How to Cope

Acne skin problem not only in adolescents or adults, but could also be on the baby. Learn about the causes and how to treat acne in infants.

Some issues related to health may often be found in infants. When looking at health problems in infants, as a parent you may feel anxious and worried. Generally the problem that often affects infants namely skin health problems. In addition to diaper rash in infants are often found, other skin problems that typically afflict the baby is acne.

Acne in Infants, Causes and How to Cope

Baby acne or so-called neonatal acne is a condition where the baby's skin raised spots like acne. Such conditions are usually found in newborns with a percentage of about 20%. Acne in this baby will appear after 2 to 4 weeks of birth. Where the area is often covered with acne is the body of the back, neck, face, and possibly also appear on baby's hands.

Acne growing on the baby is certainly not the same as growing acne in adults. Here are the causes of acne in infants.

Causes of Acne in Infants

Acne in infants caused by changes in hormone contained in the body of the baby, so with that will affect the oil glands present in the baby's skin. When undergoing the final stages of pregnancy, the hormones of the mother can enter the area with the baby's body through the placenta. Where is the main cause of acne in infants is andrenal androgen hormones cross the placenta before birth sign.

But other than through the placenta, the hormones in the mother could also get into the baby's body through breast milk or breast milk is given to your baby after he was born. These hormones will affect hormonal changes in the body of a baby that will stimulate the oil glands and eventually will make the baby grow baby acne.

In addition to hormonal factors, other causes of acne in infants is due to the consumption of drugs from the mother or drugs consumed by the baby itself. Where the drugs in question are antidepressants, topical or oral contraceptives.

Acne in infants should subside within a few days or weeks, therefore you do not get too worried. However, if your baby has a skin problem that resemble pimples but accompanied with circumstances which affect health such as infant diarrhea or colic, usually this situation due to food allergies. Meanwhile, if the state of aqueous acne, may be the cause for the use of cosmetic or baby products that do not match. However, if the red spots appearing and growing, getting bigger and irritate it could be due to chicken pox.

Do not panic if acne appears in newborns or after a few weeks of birth, because this situation is normal and common. Even so, you should remain vigilant and should still pay attention to the development of acne on your baby.
Acne in infants appears with accompanying symptoms. As for some of the symptoms is as follows.

Acne Symptoms in Infants

Acne that appears on the baby will be marked with red bumps and small appear on the cheeks, forehead or the baby's nose. Where acne in these babies will appear after two weeks or four weeks in early life. Even acne in these infants will become increasingly apparent when your baby fussy or crying.

Moreover, usually also appear small white bumps on the nose of the small, cheeks, chin. Where this condition usually only affects mostly infants. These lumps in infants known as milia and have nothing to do with acne, is relatively normal and will go away on its own within a few weeks.

Acne Treatment in Infants

Since acne in these infants will generally disappear within a few weeks or a few months, therefore there is no medical treatment is recommended. Perhaps in some cases of acne on the baby does not go away even though it's been months, the situation is believed to be a sign that your child will experience problems when he grows teenage acne later. If like that, it would be better to go to the doctor. The doctor will prescribe a cream to cope with acne. Avoid treating acne in infants with topical or oral medications before you bring your baby to be checked. Because the product or random drug will only further aggravate the condition of your baby.

Treatment Performed at Home

For acne in babies soon disappear, treatments you can do at home such as the following:

  • Always maintain the cleanliness of your baby's face. You should wash your baby's face with warm water every day.
  • Dry the baby's face gently. You simply dry by patting use a soft towel.
  • Avoid rubbing or pinching of acne on your baby because it will cause infection or irritation of the skin.
  • Avoid applying any lotion or oil on your baby's face.
  • Although it is already known will disappear by itself, but you are still worried, you can be sure the situation by consulting a doctor.

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