Anything Food Affect Breastfeeding?

Avoid or reduce foods that affect breastfeeding mothers need to do in order to keep the process of feeding the baby continues to run smoothly.

Sometimes the mother will ask flavor milk produced by the linkage of food consumed. And indeed by the experts, the taste of the milk produced by the mother is affected by the food they consume. However, despite that experts advise not to get too worried because the milk produced does not exactly match the taste of the food consumed by nursing mothers. Where the taste of breast milk only vague and can survive in a time of 8 hours.

Anything Food Affect Breastfeeding?

The important thing to remember that breastfeeding mothers should consume foods that are diverse or different to keep the quality of milk produced remains good, and babies are able to recognize a variety of flavors from an early stage before he introduced to complementary foods or solids. Based on the research, that the appetite of the baby is influenced by the taste of the food he had previously known of the milk or mother's milk. Therefore, this is the right time for you to introduce healthy food to your baby like vegetables and fruits. So it is recommended for nursing mothers to consume fruits and vegetables with enough. Because in addition to introducing the flavors and familiarize your child, as well as to meet the child's body nutrients from fruits and vegetables through breast milk.

Breastfeeding mothers are advised to be more selective in choosing food for her beloved baby. Should choose foods that are rich in nutritional value, as well as avoiding foods that would cause health problems. Here are some foods that affect breastfeeding.

Food Affects Breastfeeding

Spicy food

Based on the fact that breast milk or breast milk is influenced by the food consumed by the mother. Spicy flavor foods or foods containing coconut milk will indeed affect breast milk but will not pose a risk to the baby directly. The food is spicy flavor itself will have an effect in women who consume them. Where the spicy food will cause problems in the digestive system so that the mother so will affect the quality of the milk produced. Indigestion can occur, namely diarrhea. Gastrointestinal disorders where this one will lead nursing mothers dehydrated.

Caffeine and Coffee

Generally, nursing mothers often avoid coffee because fear will affect the quality of breast milk for baby beloved. And indeed in reality the caffeine content contained in milk induces milk. However, there remains a bit of breastfeeding mothers who consume coffee. I need to know is that caffeine is not only contained in coffee, also found in tea, chocolate or other foods and beverages. Actually there are no restrictions associated with the consumption of tea, coffee and chocolate. Breastfeeding mothers can still drink a cup of coffee, the most important number right dose consumed. Daily consumption of caffeine will cause becomes accumulated in the baby's digestive system. So this will result in babies disturbed sleep or experiencing irritation on baby's digestive system, as a result tend to be fussy baby.

Cold drinks

Cold drinks turned out to have an influence on breastfeeding. Based on the facts, the mother's breast is always in a state that is warm. Cold water consumption should be limited to nursing mothers. It is intended to maintain the health of the mother, so that breastfeeding mothers do not have allergies to cold conditions which would make mothers have asthma or cough. Where circumstances as this will affect the breastfeeding process.

Artificial sweeteners

Avoid foods that contain artificial sweeteners needs to be carried out by nursing mothers. Although the food has no effect on the taste of breast milk, but it is not good for health. It would be better if you eat healthy foods such as fruits or vegetables. The food is healthy and beneficial addition to health utuk, also at a time can be introduced to your child so later he was accustomed.

Sea food

Some marine fish containing mercury, in which one of the fragile marine fish are mercury-contaminated tuna. Mercury is a metal that can affect the content of breast milk. Where this content can pass into breast milk directly and circulate in the blood. For pregnant women and nursing mothers are strongly advised to avoid the high sea fish will contain mercury.

Some fish are high in mercury and should be avoided by pregnant or lactating mothers among them, namely, shark, swordfish sardines and anchovies.

Nursing mothers should be more selective in choosing food or food that will be consumed compared to the usual time. Should choose foods rich in nutrients and nutrients to be consumed daily. Avoid foods with high sugar content. Breastfeeding mothers may be advised to take drugs in certain circumstances. When taking the medication are advised to be more careful because the drugs are sensitive to milk production. For the consumption of the drug itself, you should consult with a physician. This is done for the health of beloved baby. Similarly, some foods that affect breastfeeding.

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