Babies Handle Stress In The Right

Stress experienced by infants can be caused by various things. When stressed, babies tend to be fussy and constantly crying. Some ways to handle stress baby can you do to make it more quiet and comfortable.

Stress is a common problem that is often experienced by many people. Stress is one of the circumstances that may affect one's health. In addition to adults, stress can in fact also be experienced by infants. But the stress experienced by infants in contrast to the stress experienced by adults. Stress experienced by infants is usually triggered because he did not feel comfortable about his condition or feeling bored.

Babies Handle Stress In The Right

Not a few parents are aware of the circumstances of the baby. So with that, they are difficult to detect circumstances that befall her baby. This situation is also increasingly supported because the baby can not express what the desire.

Babies Handle Stress

Infants Causes Stress

  • Baby discomfort or pain

When the baby feel uncomfortable or sick, he could not say what the diraskannya to the parents through communication. Typically for such diraskannya say what she could do was cry or fuss. If the parents can not detect oang and do not understand the cues given by the baby, then the baby is likely to experience stress.

  • Baby's needs are not met

At the time of the baby's needs, such as baby food and drink are not fulfilled then the baby is likely to experience stress. Hunger and thirst felt by the baby will make him cry and fuss. Not only that, parents are less attentive to the baby will make the baby feel lonely so will trigger the baby is stressed.

  • Different treatments

Stress experienced by a baby can also be caused by constantly changing the dressing nanny. Such circumstances would normally be experienced by infants who are not cared for by their own parents but by a caregiver. How different or parenting and caregiver different will make the baby feel uncomfortable, he will feel depressed and will eventually lead to stress.

  • Mother's Stress

When a mother is stressed, the baby will experience such feelings. Stress felt by the mother will be transmitted to the baby because he would feel uncomfortable touch of his mother, and his mother's voice is different from the previous.

  • The place to stay is not settled

The surrounding environment and residence also has an influence on the way babysitting. When parents decide to move to another place, then the baby will feel uncomfortable, so that the state will make the baby stress.

  • state house

Home situation could affect the baby's condition. Babies can sense his surroundings. If there is a problem in the house, like his parents do a scene, then the baby will feel uncomfortable the situation. As a result, the baby will feel depressed and will become stressed.

Stress Symptoms in Infants

  • Baby crying and easily cranky

Common symptoms that will be shown by the babies who experience stress that he would often cry and fuss. Cries will be long and become so if he does not immediately soothed by how calm the baby crying right.

  • baby restless

The behavior of baby restless and unsettled a sign that the baby is under stress. Even when the night baby can not sleep well and often cranky.

  • often moody

If the baby is not as active as usual, or it tends to be moody then it could be a sign that the baby stress. In addition, he did not want to be separated from his mother's arms.

  • physical changes

Stress experienced by a baby will result in it a loss of appetite. As a result of this situation will affect his physical, which he will experience weight loss.

Baby How To Handle Stress

  • Basically Provision

Handle stress infants can be done by meeting all of their basic needs, such as the need to eat or drink needs. In addition, each parent is advised to always pay attention to the baby and give genuine affection. This will create a feeling your child becomes more secure and comfortable.

  • Create Circumstances Comfortable

Creates a comfortable situation for a child can also be done to handle the stress of what he feels. By creating a state of calm and comfortable home will make her feel more secure so it will not cause stress.

  • Keep an eye on Changes Avoid Caregiver Caregivers

Maybe you decide your baby is taken care of by other people because of busy work. However, even though it is no substitute for maintaining and caring for your child, it does not mean you are off the hook completely. You are a parent who should know best the needs of your own baby.

Even if you believe that the caregivers that you choose can take good care of and able to be responsible, but is not necessarily care for your baby with affection. Also, try to avoid too frequent substitute caretakers. Different parenting will not make your baby comfortable.

When all your baby's needs are met, whether eating, drinking or affection, should stress they experienced lost and he calmed down. But if he keeps crying and fussy, you must remain vigilant. Consult your doctor about the situation experienced by your baby.

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