Baby Care: Baby Prevent Virus Infected

Newborns are vulnerable infected by a virus or bacteria, so that the newborn care should really be done well. Avoid kissing babies too often that he was not infected with disease-carrying germs and viruses.

Baby Care: Baby Prevent Virus Infected

The presence of this baby into the world is a moment most awaited by married couples, especially if the baby is a first child. To celebrate the arrival of a little angel, the preparations must be made. Every parent wants to give all the best for her baby. Therefore, as much as possible all the best will be given to your baby. Supplies newborn prepared as best as possible so that no one is missed, do not forget also how to easily care for newborns really learned that babies get comfort.

The birth of the baby into this world brings great pleasure to the parents. Cries, her small will further warm the atmosphere of the house. The birth of the baby to this world usually will be enlivened by a visit friends or relatives to the house. Not infrequently the visitors treat the child with excessive actions, such as touching and kissing. However, in fact this practice is not a habit that is justified because it would cause the risk of adverse child.

Keeping the newborn in order to remain healthy and sterile is not an easy job, including keeping the child from the spread of germs that would threaten his health. The spread of germs usually occurs through touch and kisses done by people in the vicinity.

Besides adults, kids also love the newborn. So they are very keen to surround, touch and kiss her. Actually, not everyone can spread the virus or bacteria in the small. However, such measures will only increase the risk of falling ill child. Even worse, the newborn buffers more quickly succumbed to the disease and infected more serious, and the consequences will be very dangerous.

For a few weeks after birth, the newborn's body will utilize the antibodies from the mother's immunity while. However, immunity is still very low. So it will still make it vulnerable to bacteria or viruses that cause disease. Some viruses and bacteria that infect vulnerable child namely, viral influenza, pertussis, rotavirus, until streptococcus B.

The formation of the immune system itself is going to become stronger after the fight against the disease. However, despite this not mean that if parents still allow their children infected by a virus or bacteria that would disturb their health. In general, the natural environment is enough to build his immune system.

So far, we assume that the germs Causes of colds and flu as a mild disease. However, did you know? Germs are it will cause serious health problems in infants. It is strongly recommended to keep the baby is not infected by bacteria or a virus until the age of 6 months.

Newborn Care: Preventing Virus Infected Infants

Newborn care should really be done well, including protecting it in order to stay healthy and avoid disease-causing germs. The following newborn care you can do.

Limiting Visitors Coming

Seeing other people enthusiastic about the birth of the baby, of course, we are very pleased and proud. However, that does not mean you let them make direct contact with your baby. Greet your friends, relatives or neighbors who participated happy with the birth of your baby well. However, you should still limit them do barks directly with your baby, especially if there is one who is sick. You can leave a distance between the visitor and your baby. In addition, you also need to be wary of gifts that allow germs that nest in them like dolls and others.

Ensure Washing Hands

Infections that occur most widely spread through touch. Therefore, it is very important to wash your hands before touching the newborn. You should wash your hands with soap and warm water as the steps taken to minimize germs. Not only the visitors alone, the elderly or people nearby will be holding a baby should do this. Wash hands before and after of the toilet, before and after eating, after handling certain foods and after playing.

Provide Liquid Repellent Germs

Liquid disinfectant you can provide at home as an alternative option when there is no soap and water. For maximum results, you can use the fluid 15 to 20 minutes before touching the baby.

Environment Avoid Too Crowded

First few weeks of a baby's birth, it would be better to avoid inviting your baby to crowded places such as shopping malls, markets, restaurants, and other places.

Follow Vaccination Schedule In accordance with Recommendation

One thing that should not be overlooked by parents to protect the health of babies by performing the vaccination schedule as recommended. Vaccination is done will help protect that baby is not infected or affected by the disease are dangerous.

Switch Touch and Kiss

Avoid kissing or touching the baby in areas of the face and hands are sometimes smoked. Saliva contains a variety of germs. You can be reminded to not do it in the family or other people who are around you.

Newborn care is not easily done. Need accuracy and the correct treatment for your child to remain in a healthy state. Although you may be reluctant to restrict the child with the visitors, but wherever possible, give the sense that they know and understand.

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