Baby's Development Age 11 Months

In general, when a child is beginning to walk, infant development at 11 months will make the baby begins to show exercises for sprinting and fell staggered because their legs are still not perfect in supporting the body in a standing position.

Before discussing about the development of the baby in a later stage. I must first congratulate you on your baby's development is so rapid and amazing. Growth and development that goes well it certainly did not come easily and simply without support and your role as a mother.

Baby's Development Age 11 Months

The amount of love and affection to the baby's mother while they are still in the womb until today to make your child able to grow into children with exceptional talent. For that, once again congratulations on the baby's development at 11 months of this yea mother.

The rapid development of the baby often makes time seem to pass quickly. It feels like only yesterday that my father and mother were looking forward to the birth of the baby. But now, the little angels have to be in your arms and your family and grew into a developing baby.

Mother success in supporting the growth and development of the baby finally have arrived at this age, where it means a step toward the age of the first year of baby-sitting. After one year later of course there are so many things and the changes made with the fruit of your love. Not to mention, his weight and length of the body are constantly being developed from time to time will make the apparently more adorable.

He later would begin to be able to walk, talk and run to and fro. This may be a pleasant moment at a time is tedious. For the child back and forth to and fro will probably make the mother dizziness and difficult to control. For this reason, all the necessary preparation to welcome the baby you grow is important for growth and development goes well.

So, what the heck development of infants aged 11 months to happen this month? Let's check it out.

Baby's Development Age 11 Months In Overall

There are quite a lot of development of infants aged 11 menakjubka happens enough to be listened to. In addition to increasingly improve child development in the previous suia there are also new things that begin learned at this age. Your baby has now started practicing to get out of himself and at this moment they will usually begin to need a friend to play and learn.

Even in some infants whose age has already started training to be able to walk, the little guy is now beginning to stand on its own and began stepping up his leg. Although initially it will look like robots that are trying to run, but this is for the first stage for the child to master the ability to run smoothly.

So it is, parents need to support your child by ensuring that the home area explored by the baby in a clean and avoid the hazards that would have risked his safety.

In addition, it is also important to always pay attention to parents of their children. Moreover, the ability to walk are already being developed by your baby, could possibly create safety increasingly at risk. Never leave your baby alone even for any reason. Moreover menitipkannya while in children.

One-one this will actually pose a great danger to both. When you feel you need the help of other people's while to keep the baby. Ask for help adults who can you trust, such as your parents are healthy, your sister or your aunt and uncle who can you trust.

Baby's Development Age 11 Months Social Skills

At this time the child has started to wake from her own bed. You will probably find your child is waking up in a sitting position. At the time of the child woke up and found no one was with him then he would cry. Which of these means that they need a friend to be able to chat with him.

Strive to have someone, either spouse or your younger brother who was great to be able to accompany him. The presence of a person along with the baby once he woke aka sudha make your child feel more calm and comfortable.

In addition, when the baby ii you will more often mingle with other babies. Your baby has started to train concepts for sharing. Thus, do not be surprised if you will often find the child began to share food.

Not only that, it would be more likely to make your child visible along playing with baby son his age. Suppose that when your baby with the baby of your friends together in the same play area and there are a lot of baby toys and aberserakan belong there. Then maybe it will make a child with no doubt give the kind of toys that are not currently he plays. However, there are times when he can turn into crying or fussing when his friend was taking toys that are fun plays.

In this case, the mother's role is very important and necessary to monitor if your baby is not involved in a confrontation with the other babies. Or to make sure if the baby does not do things to harm himself like eating toys and so forth.

11 Month Baby's Development Usian motor skills

In this sata your baby has started learning in mengkelompokan toys based on the order. So therefore, if you have toys like blocks are arranged, balls are arranged by size then this will be a good toy for a child. They will be happy to put the mianan accordance with the order.

In addition, there is no harm to come into play together with your baby so that they get to enjoy the game. Try to give toys at random and let the child set it according to his wishes.

At this time your baby has already started can refer more specifically to an object that is being noticed. If earlier the child can meraupkan all hands, he now began to be held up one finger to point to the object he saw.

Your little one will really like pushing a toy so she can crawl. Now he began to spin and turned her mother when her name was called. Not only by his parents, when he heard his name spoken by other people, will begin his attention focused on the person.

Thus some of the baby's development at 11 months that can be delivered. Hopefully this article provides enough information that you need. Listen Baby's Development Age 10 Months

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