Baby's Development Age 12 Months

12 month old baby's development - At his first birthday, your child may already be able to stand alone without the need to hold on to, either on you or on objects that are nearby.

The development of infants aged 12 months making now begin to develop skills that they have learned well. Before listening more deeply about the development of the baby at this age, we congratulate beforehand ya mother. Activities and nurturing care of the baby is now included in the first year of his life.

Baby's Development Age 12 Months

Time seems too fleeting to the extent that does not feel like just yesterday that you and your partner are planning a pregnancy the baby. Next thing you know now the little already be in your arms and you start to watch the seconds development.

Well, at this point you may be able to start marking the date of birth of the child and prepared everything to welcome the first anniversary of the fruit of your love. These activities would be fun and exciting. Especially for parents who can not wait to give it a birthday celebration for her love fruit.

No wonder if you and your partner will be with less slick and carefully prepare all that is needed by the child. Even though your child can not understand a party or celebration, but apparently this does not preclude you from doing so.

From choosing the concept of birthdays, funny putting up decorations on the walls of the house, up to pick out clothes for the baby is a series of activities that begin to concern you at this time. Your friends and relatives began notified one by one to be able to take the time to come to the celebration of the birthday child. Not a problem really, as long as it can do and make your child feel comfortable why not celebrate its first anniversary with a celebration that you have dreamed of.

However, there are also some other mothers who choose not to provide a big celebration party for your child at this age. The grounds are child still does not understand and comprehend the meaning of a party then not a few parents who put off celebrating the birthday of her baby until the child can begin to interact with others.
However, besides busy preparing a feast for the baby. It is also important for you to know what developments that began to occur with the child at this age. In this way, mothers can keep an eye on whether progress is normal or not. Like what is the development of infants aged 12 months? Listen below.

Baby's Development Age 12 Months In General

Many things that would make you very proud when the child enters this age. The reason is, there are many magical things started happening with your baby. In addition to the child increasingly adept at mastering the skills she had learned in the previous months. Your baby was now transformed into an adorable little toddler. Thus, as a mother you should not miss these developments as distracted by other things such as rapid preparation birthday.

Continue to observe and support the development of your baby so that growth can be maintained. At this age there is quite a lot going on with the baby. Age 12 ulan making your child has to know the things he saw elsewhere. Suppose, he had the thing home, then he will easily recognize similar objects when the little stroll to another place.

Your baby has already started to be able to stand alone so that when the mother rapidly celebrate his first birthday, the mother can ask your child to blow out his birthday candles. But of course it can not do alone. She may be afraid to fire on candles if previously he has not been introduced to it. However, some other baby should feel pleased given the chance to blow out the candles even though his breath is not fast enough to turn it off.

Baby's Development Age 12 Months Speech

This age can be regarded as the end of the step motor sensor on your baby. At this time your baby will begin skilled not only of the various movements that do it, but in terms of language and vocabulary else he will further develop this ability better.

If earlier words spoken only be able to combine vowels and consonants only. This time some words that she hears will start although not as good as he mastered the pronunciation. Thus your baby will probably be able to pronounce words like "ma-u", "yes", "Mamam" and so forth.

He is also now beginning to understand some of the vocabulary usage in accordance with its function. So therefore when you ask your child will be a few things. It is not likely he will begin to understand by giving answers such as nodding or shaking his head. Suppose that when you are offered a meal, then the child who is hungry will probably nod with a view to agree.

Nevertheless generally learned vocabulary is still very limited. Your baby usually can not express the emotion he felt and notify it to the closest people.
For this reason, pernanan parents in this regard will be needed. For your baby needs to continue to develop these capabilities in order to better so that he can hang with the right in the future.
Infants will imitate what is done by the parents. So therefore, do not stop to always teach them new things and continue to talk to them so that the vocabulary and language skills richer.

Baby's Development Age 12 Months motor skills

There are quite a lot of surprising things that happened at this age. Some of it will probably make the mother feel proud. Because now your baby can already start using the bath fixtures such as a toothbrush or a comb well. No wonder he will start mimicking activity by forcing jagged comb combing his hair.

In addition, you also have started to replace the use in baby bottles and began to introduce the cup as a medium for a drink. The type of cups that can be introduced at this age your baby sippy cup is a cup type that has a handle in the second part edges. In addition, the muzzle on the cup will allow your baby to drink from the can without spilling on his clothes.

Baby's Development Age 12 Months Corporate Social Capabilities

Babies at this age are more likely happy companionship. He will be happy when a lot of people with it otherwise your child will probably cry when left alone. When the child is surrounded by the people closest they will feel more comfortable and calm.

In addition, this age also makes the child more voters to the people he encountered. So that the presence of strangers nearby would make the child feel uncomfortable.

Those are some things that can be delivered from the development of infants aged 12 months was amazing. Listen baby's development before age in Baby's Development Age 11 Months

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