Baby's Development Age 2 Months

In contrast to the age of 1 month in which most of the time the baby more time is spent on sleep. In the development of infants 2 months of age, the child begins to show rapid progress. Now, the baby has been able to develop the ability to better eyesight.

Your baby has now turned into two months, which is now no longer holds the title for her newborn baby. Rather it is a tiny baby who was entering a period of rapid development and growth. This development is certainly a big moment in his life that is very dear to pass away. To that end, accompanied by your baby continues to monitor whether progress can be run properly or there could be something different with your child.

Baby's Development Age 2 Months

Yes, know the development of infants aged 2 months is one thing that is very important to know the parents. The goal was that which is to monitor the growth of the baby since he was born into the world.

Child development in the early weeks after birth from the womb of the mother is a critical time that should not be missed. Where what is done by parents on their children this age are important things that will affect its development.

This is because by the time your baby at the age of 2 months to, in general, the child can already identify the sounds that come from the surrounding environment. For this reason, let your baby recognize the voice of her mother, her brother, her father and other family members.

Thus, there is no harm ranging invite your child to talk and perform other interactions. Even though your baby is not yet fully understand all the words that you say, but at least he started to learn to recognize the faces of people who were close to his eyes.

Baby's Development Age 2 Months In Overall

Now aged 2 months to make a lot of rapid development going on with the body and all the organs in it. Brain and hearing began to develop rapidly so that at this time your baby has begun to be played melodious music.

At about the age of 6 weeks, he had already started to be able to respond to music with legs kicking or sound. But so, he still needs peace so as to avoid making music for a long time and be selective when you give the kind of music for babies.

At this age most babies boys will have severe size approximately 4.4 to 7 kg with a body length of about 54.7 to 62.2 cm. Meanwhile for the baby girl his weight can reach 4 to 6.5 kg with a body length of about 53.3 to 60 cm. Length and weight it will certainly be different from each baby.

Your baby might have a smaller weight or larger, as long as the weight is not much drastic with the standard size of your baby's condition is classified as a normal condition.

In addition to the above developments, there are many other developments that occurred with motor skills, social and speaking ability. Here is the development that occurs in infants 2 months old.

Baby's Development Capability of Motor Age 2 Months

At the age of 7 weeks, he began trying to reach objects that are nearby. Although rarely successful but occasionally he can grasp objects in her hand and is difficult to remove. Therefore, you should avoid the child out of the reach dangerous objects such as sharp objects or objects that would probably hurt her.

Well, apart from a few things under this is a month old baby development seen from the motor development.

  • Development of infants 2 months of age generally have more robust to sustain the head (though still reeling), and now he began to raise his head as high as 45 degrees when the mother placed in the prone position or when the body is established.
  • Sucking reflex in infants will be continued in the 2nd age growth. They will begin glad sucking the thumb or other finger is one way it does to entertain himself.
  • Moreover, now the child has begun to close and open the palm of his own hand slowly.
  • Not only that, another fairly rapid growth in this period is the development that occurs in sight. 2 month old baby made her eyes began to follow the movement of the object object when the object is brought every related directions. You can stimulate them by giving mobiles that move. In addition, mandipun activities can be great for her in learning. For example by placing a toy that can be pressed and certainly give more color contrast.
  • At the end of the month, your baby may have started trying to reach you when he wants your attention.

Baby's Development Age 2 Months Social Skills

At this age your baby will start learning to do social interaction, one of which is to provide first smile. With smiled back at him, he will know that this is sustained. This will certainly make the baby motivated to do more and learn more. In addition, he will begin to learn to be able to:

  • Blowing and making a sound when you're talking or interacting him.
  • Your baby will begin to recognize you from a distance.
  • At this time your baby will probably begin to imitate your expressions.
  • At the age of 8 weeks your baby will begin to recognize certain sounds, including sounds you da increasingly able to hear the sounds better.

Baby's Development Age 2 Months Speech

Basic ability to speak in infants of this age may be indicated by the little one began to make noises the baby and give her facial expression varying according to what he felt, such as blowing, bulging or raised his eyebrows when he felt the conditions were not comfortable ,

How to Provide Stimulus In Infants Age 2 Months

To support the development for the better, then parents need to provide stimulation or stimulation of the baby's development, the following are things you can do.

stimulation of Motor

  • Give your baby a toy that is safe for him to be held. This course aims to improve its ability in reaching and grasping. Just avoid giving toys that hard, sharp and unhygienic.
  • In support of his motor skills that have started regularly as the child moves, then maybe the noises that sounded suddenly going to shock them. We recommend that you avoid the child from the sounds of it so he is not easily surprised.

stimulation Speaking

  • Do not interrupt interactions such as chatting and joking with your baby. Moreover, the current vision capabilities have been much better. For that, keep doing it.
  • Ask a lot of things to him, even though he does not understand, but the child will begin to listen to what you ask her.

Similarly, some of the things that can be done in providing stimulation to support the development of infants at 2 months of age. May be useful.

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