Baby's Development Age 6 Months

Development of babies aged 6 months of age generally allows your baby to begin can be given complementary foods with a denser texture. The doctors agreed that the period of 6 months is the right moment start introducing solid foods in the baby.

Does not feel ya mother, now the child is at the age of 6 months in the development of its first 12 years. This means that the mother is already halfway through the first year of future care of your baby.

Baby's Development Age 6 Months

Well, talk about developments with the baby, there are so many amazing developments occurring rapidly him. This time also allows you to start introducing foods to your baby. Experts agree that a period of 6 months is the right time began to give the baby complementary foods for the first time.

Then why 6 months is considered as sufficient time giving complementary foods to the baby? Let's look at his review below.

Reasons Why 6 Months Considered Giving the Right Time Seafood addition to breast milk

Actually, six months is not the standard size gives first on infant food. Only, this time on the readiness of the child in organs involved in digesting the food inside is said to be quite able to begin processing the various types of new foods.

Well, in addition to those reasons here are some other reasons why the period of 6 months is considered as an appropriate time to introduce the baby on other foods.

The first reason is that after 6 months the baby will need a lot of iron and zinc than is available from the mother's breast milk to give the baby. Thus, they will need the intake of these substances from food consumption is more dense and varied.
The second reason, ie, before the age of 6 months, the digestive enzymes in the body of the baby is not yet fully formed, so the baby is not able to digest the starch and proteins found in solid foods other than breast milk over.
A further reason is before the age of 6 months, the intestinal immune system in infants is not yet fully formed. As a result, the intestinal immune system, which protects the intestines from the food source is not enough protein is produced well. So this will cause a lot of protein into the cells of the intestines are actually ultimately will stimulate allergic reactions in the body of the child and the rise of intolerance.
The latter is the age of 6 months in infants is the right time for him starting to learn chew and swallow food began to be more dense so the risk of choking will be reduced.
That she some reasons behind the recommended 6-month baby to start solid food given to the ASI her. It's just that, by providing a more dense complementary foods for baby, it does not mean the mother let go intake of milk in your baby. His name is a companion, the intake of breast milk is still the primary.

Well, after knowing the introduction of foods to your baby as the development of babies aged 6 months were quite amazing and anticipated. There is also another development that is also in tandem with these developments. As with any development of infants aged 6 months more? Listen below.

Baby's Development Age 6 Months In Overall

At this age your baby will begin to sit down and play on the floor. He will start fun trying

replace various body positions and look at his surroundings. No wonder, when at this age the mother will more often see their children become so active.

Meanwhile, when asked about the development of the baby's weight at this age, a baby male sex generally have a body weight of up to 6.4 to 9.7 kg and can reach 63.6 to 71.6 cm in length. As for the female baby can weigh about 5.8 to 9.2 kg with a body length of approximately 61.5 to 70 cm.

Weight measure is certainly not set guidelines because each baby usually has a different development. Your baby may have less weight or even more. But as long as the size is not much different and the child were active then it can be assumed your baby healthy

Baby's Development Age 6 Months Viewed from motor

Walking baby at this age are beginning to support much of his weight well. However, they may still need your help. To that end, help them weeks to stand on your lap or on the floor by holding both parts armpits gently. The muscle strength of the legs and arms so instrumental to the stage selanjtunya to the baby, crawling yaki.

Well, aside from some of these developments, the following are other motor development that could occur on the baby:

Your baby is getting fond of dropping any object into the floor just to pay attention to the sound generated when the object falls.
He was getting easy to appoint the object with one hand and move to the other hand.
6 month old baby was already interested in detail or small objects. Therefore, watch your baby when he played a similar objects. Make sure if his buttons installed properly in order to avoid things that are not desirable.
Your baby has already started can overthrow goto body front and rear too slowly.
Make sure that if your child is lying in a safe place.

Baby's Development Age 6 Months Speech

In general, the child will begin to happy chattering and combining consonants and vowels as he spoke like recite 'ba', 'pa', 'da' and so forth. But no need to worry if your baby has not been able to do this. Because this may be affected due to motor development much more rapidly than the speaking ability. Even so, he will begin to use body language to communicate to him.

Ages 6 Months Baby Development Social Development

At this time, the ability of interaction at this time has been further developed than in the past 5 years development, she has now started doing some things like:

Crying now not be the only way it does to show expression, and attract the attention of others. For now you might start seeing your baby has started frequent shouting, banging or even drop objects to cause uproar and many other ways.
He had already started to be played by parents and close relatives. The response was now better.
The baby was already beginning to respond to the expression shown by other people to him.
Even when you call his name, the child will begin to search for the sound source and became interested attention.
The most adorable of these developments is the little one was happy to see her reflection in the mirror. When you do not believe, try to give your child sebuat mirror and let them see it.

Thus some of the amazing developments that occur in the development of babies age 6 months. Given the current developments make your child more active, then the mother should have to be more vigilant so that the movement of the child remained safe for the body. Consider the development of infants aged 5 months

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