Baby's Development Age 7 Months

When the muscular arms and legs, especially the knees are much stronger, the development of infants aged 7 months generally have started to crawl itself. This activity becomes a parent preparing for strengthening muscles so that he will begin running.

Over time, his age stepped to 7 this month, the child began to enter a new phase which is very important in his life, namely the crawl phase and learn to start to run. This development will certainly make it more sumringah and amazement at what has been learned by your baby.

Baby's Development Age 7 Months

To that end, help and accompany your baby's development continues each well. So you can ensure the safety and smooth running of the growth process is better. Especially at this time, crawled capability is increasing. Your baby will be more active and need a lot of space for him to roam to and fro in order to recognize the surrounding environment.

The task of parents in support of this development is to ensure that the environment is explored by your baby are safe places that are not at risk of threatening the safety of the baby. Make sure if the rooms in your house is safe from sharp tools which can be reached by the little guy. The floors were clean and the flat will be a factor contributing to the safety and health of the child during the exploration.

Also, make sure when you always accompany them well. Never leave your baby alone or entrust it to other children who are still small when you want to do something.
Although it is only a go and quickly went back. But we never know when the problem will come and approached us. It might, your tolerance to go briefly to fruition a major problem that would threaten the safety of your baby.

Therefore, protect your child from the dangers that lurk like a sharp household items, knick-small perik made of glass or metal that can be swallowed. Currently, baby you're so interested in all things and start entering the phase of taking, throw and put it behind what goes into his mouth. If parents do not stand the risk of the baby kesalamatan stake.

Baby's Development Age 7 Months In Overall

At this age, in addition to your little one skilled crawling, itching due to teething making will tend to like to enter a lot of things into his mouth to bite. He will begin to be able to sit alone without having to be supported by an adult. So therefore, keep your baby's every movement to avoid dangerous objects into the body through a small mouth because of his habit happy insert objects into the tiny mouth.

Meanwhile, if you're wondering about the normal body weight for the development of babies aged seven months, then to a baby boy his weight could be around 6.7 to 10.2 kg with a body length of about 65.1 to 73.2 cm , Meanwhile, for the average female infant weight of his body could be mencapa 6.1 to 9.6 kg with a body length from 62.9 to 71.6 cm.

This development is certainly not a standard benchmark because not all babies have a similar development. Your baby may develop a body weight less or may be even tougher. But as long as your baby looks active and without complaint then it can be considered safe.

Baby's Development Capability of Motor Age 7 Months

At this age, though most babies will learn to crawl, but others might be able to walk directly and not through the previous crawl phase. There is also a baby who is not crawling forward, but rather a pattern of crawling backward.

In this case, there is nothing to worry about as long as the baby still looks capable of coordinating the two parts of his body, both hands and feet well then this is normal.

However, you should avoid using a baby walker that claimed both in helping the baby learn to walk. Because this means it can be risky to bring the accident on the little guy who has not been able to control the direction and purpose when walking.

Well, in addition to some of the above below are a variety of other motor development in infants aged 7 months:

  • 7 month old baby has been able to crawl even without help from an adult or his own mother. Therefore, make sure you keep your home if the floor is clean and free of sharp small objects that would endanger the safety of the child.
  • Babies this age will be able to play the body and enforcing punggunggnya to be able to sit with a longer time. He also now can start preparing and grouping toys in the category size, whether small or large.
  • To train motor skills, you can invite the baby to make the game more complicated. Let's put one kind of toys on the floor and covered it with a cloth. Open the fabric with a happy expression while saying "this is it!", Then cover the fabric back and do it over and over. The baby will be happy with this and enough to make her laugh.
  • When this age you can already apply any replacement in baby bottles and cups to introduce a drink. The cups can be introduced at the age of 7 months in infants is kind sippy cup that cup with two handles and spout dibagain side in the lid that allows the baby to drink from that section. This is enabled so that the baby can practice motor skills on his hands without making a drink in the cup spilled on his part.

Age 7 Months Baby's Development Communication Skills

At this time the memory of your baby is functioning so well that he had already started to remember the sounds that are familiar to him. He also now begin to understand simple words, such as "ma-ma" or "pa-pa ', swinging his arms.

Baby you are now already chattering with more complex vocabulary. Not only that, the child was now beginning to understand the prohibition to not do a thing to say "no".

Age 7 Months Baby development Social Skills

Meanwhile, when seen from the development of social skills, there are so many things going on with your baby, such as among others:

  • Your baby can already be seen to test your authority by refusing to follow directions or instructions that you gave him. However, this is generally only done to test his curiosity. For that, start to tell where the child can and can not do, for example such as vomit, throw the toy or when he wants to go berserk as a dangerous thing.
  • Although your child can not understand very well, but this is a good start for starters.
  • While in interpersonal relationships, he had begun to feel anxiety when their mothers are not around. This shows that the child is beginning to understand the environment better. No wonder that by the time you leave it for a moment and ask other people in your place, then the child will look uncomfortable. Even most of the other babies will cry.

Similarly, some development of babies aged 7 months that commonly occur in the baby. Hopefully by listening to this article you will be given a lot more useful insights.

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