Baby Food Menu 7 Months

Meet nutritional needs through diet 7-month baby is important to support the growth and development in old aged 7 months to this. Choose foods that are healthy and nutritious and balanced nutrition it needs.

7 month old baby has been able to perform the movement, though still light movement. Reaching certain objects that are nearby by moving badanya already he can do. In addition, the physical change was already noticeable in infants aged 7 months. Where in the age of the teeth already appear on your baby. Even so, it is possible if your baby is teething at an earlier age or more late than the specified age.

Baby Food Menu 7 Months

Infant growth and development, which grew rapidly at 7 months of age requires you to always pay attention to everything that the development and growth of the child is not disturbed. Because at this age the baby is able to move the body to achieve the object, then you should keep as much as possible and give extra attention to the beloved baby. No less important, you also need to pay attention to your baby's diet. At the age of 7 months babies can get complementary feeding. Appropriate complementary foods will be very helpful in providing nutrients and nutrients needed by your baby according to their development.

Nutrients needed by infants aged 7 months is not much different with the nutrients needed by the age of the baby before. Some important nutrients are needed to help them grow can run well. Here are some important nutrients infants aged 7 months.

Baby Food Menu 7 Months: Important Nutrition Needed

Healthy fats

Healthy fat content can be found in avocado or fish. Healthy fats is one of the content needed by infants aged 7 months. Provision of healthy fat intake to the extent required by the little guy is very useful to help the absorption of the vitamin. Some yatu vitamin is vitamin A, D, E and vitamin K.


In addition to breast milk, one way for your baby to get carbohydrates is to be given supplementary food to produce energy. You can give your baby the complex carbohydrates in the form of processed foods such as team or porridge. Give food to the appropriate portion so as not to cause health problems and your baby avoid obesity.


The content of vitamins a baby needs can be obtained from healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. The content of vitamins that you will get from vitamins and fruits are vitamin B, C, E and vitamin K. You can obtain the content of vitamins A, B16, B12 and vitamin D from animal sources such as for example the content of the milk and liver.


7 month old baby needs minerals, which mineral is needed is iron. Minerals are necessary for the formation of hemoglobin, calcium that serves to promote the growth of teeth and bones, chromium function in helping the process of metabolism of insulin in the blood.

Baby Food Menu 7 Months

The addition of salt and sugar should be limited in the diet of infants 7 months. It would be better if the salt and sugar are avoided and not used at all so it will not make the kidneys, liver and pancreas works with weight. The use of salt is not recommended, because the salt needed by infants in breast milk have been fulfilled. Often we would feel if the food given to infants bland and not tasty without extra flavor. However, the response of adults and infants to the different foods. Adults are accustomed to consume salt, while the baby instead, where the ceiling is not perfect baby salty taste given has not been able to respond by his tongue.

So what complementary foods can be given to babies aged seven months? Here is the menu that you can use as a reference.

Filter Tim Rice Recipe Chicken Liver

Materials needed
  • 25 grams of chicken livers
  • 20 grams of white rice
  • 25 grams of tempe
  • 50 grams of pumpkin
  • 25 grams of tomato
  • Enough water

How to Create Filter Tim Rice Chicken Liver
  • The first step is, wash rice and chicken livers that you have set up completely clean.
  • Then, mix the rice with water, soybean and chicken livers. Boil these ingredients and stir until it becomes mush.
  • After that, the input tomatoes and pumpkins. Stir and cook until done.
  • If all the ingredients are boiled is cold, you can grind in a blender. If so, strain it through a colander wire.

Tim Rice Recipe Mix Filter

Materials needed
  • 20 grams of rice
  • 25 grams of ground beef
  • 625 ml lukewarm water
  • 25 grams of broccoli
  • 10 grams of cheese
  • 25 grams of tomato
  • 1 egg yolk

How to make
  • Boil the rice that had been cleaned with ground beef and water. Boil the rice until it becomes mush.
  • Then, enter tomatoes and broccoli. Wait until cooked.
  • Next, enter the yolk and cheese already grated. Cook while in stir.
  • If ripe cool, then puree in a blender. After that, strain using a fine mesh screen.
Similarly, 7 months baby food menu that you can give to your baby. May be useful.

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