Baby Food Menu 8 Months

The food menu is an 8 month baby should still be considered. Nutritious infant feeding will support the growth and development of the child.

When the baby turns 6 months, he began to be introduced to complementary foods or solids. Complementary foods are given to train the child in the digestive system to digest and process solid foods or coarse texture in the intestines. So with that, the process of training in digesting these foods in the long term will help in the development of the child.

Baby Food Menu 8 Months

Over time, your baby's age will increase. When the age of 8 months to meet their nutritional needs, you must provide the food with nutrition and proper nutrition on a child. 8 months baby food menu has differences with the food menu baby 6 months or earlier age. Baby food is usually recommended at this age that foods containing fiber. In which the content is helpful and will help the baby to throw out food that contained in the body.

At the age of 8 months of this anyway, you can already give the baby food flavorings. However, in addition you must make sure to not leave foods containing salt, sugar and food coloring substance which would affect the health of the baby. To train the sense of taste is small, you can get the taste of healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Menu 8 Months Baby Food: Nutrition Needed

At the age of 8 months you can provide a more diverse nutrition. You still have to pay attention to the type of baby food given. If your baby has allergies or no history of allergies in the family, it is advisable to avoid some foods that can cause allergies in infants. Some of the foods in question are nuts, eggs or wheat. Nevertheless, the level of allergies in each family have differences.

At this age you should increase the intake of fruits and vegetables mixed in order to meet all the nutritional requirements for growth. Healthy snacks you can give at this age. The fruit is a healthy snack that you can give to your baby. Fruits are rich in nutrients can help your baby's digestion, which is supported by the growth of teeth. At this age the presentation of the fruit can be more viscous than before. You can memberika fruit with scraped or crushed beforehand. Additionally, you can also leave a piece of fruit for teeth trained. However, you must still do surveillance in feeding your baby. Not all the fruit you can give to your baby. Some of the pieces that you need to avoid is a fruit that is high in fiber and fruits that contain alcohol, such as jackfruit and durian. Fruit-flavored sour else you need to avoid because it would cause disruption in the stomach.

Schedule feeding your child you can apply. 7am you can give your child milk porridge. 10 am you can provide a healthy snack, such as fruit cemilah. 12 noon continued with the provision of the filter team. At 4 pm you can come back give the team the strain on the little guy.

Baby Food Menu 8 Months

Red Rice Porridge Meat

Materials needed
  • 450 ml water
  • 50 grams of brown rice
  • 1/2 spoon grated cheese
  • 100 grams of minced meat
  • 1 tablespoon chopped celery
  • 1 tomato chopped
  • 50 grams of red spinach
  • 50 grams of carrots

How to Make Red Rice Porridge Meat
  • First, boiled brown rice that you have previously cleaned with water until fluffy.
  • Then, the input ground beef and tomatoes. Stir and cook until boiling.
  • Add other ingredients such as chopped celery, carrots, spinach and cheese. Stir until evenly distributed.
  • Lift the slurry and chill before given to your baby.

Healthy Fruit Snacks

Fruit is suggested to be used as a healthy snack at this age are bananas. Bananas contain calories that are beneficial to the growth, rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin C. In addition, bananas are also high content of starch and minerals that are good for the baby's growth. In providing these healthy snacks, you can provide it in a way crushed, given intact or processed into banana pulp. Here's how to make banana porridge of milk.

Materials needed
  • 2 tablespoons milk formula
  • 1 small banana
  • 200 ml of boiled water
How to Make Banana Milk Porridge
  • First, pour the formula that you have set up using 200 ml of water.
  • Then, mash bananas and mix with milk. Stir until evenly distributed.
  • Furthermore, you can give this banana pulp on your baby.
  • On different days you can replace it with other fruits such as avocado or orange juice. Tooth function in infants aged 8 months already, such that at this age giving a more varied fruit you can do. However, avoid some of the fruits that have been mentioned previously.
Similarly, 8 months baby food menu. May be useful.

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