Baby Food Menu 9 Months

The food menu is 9 months old baby you can give to your child with a more viscous texture. Provide food and nutrition balanced nutrition premises to meet the needs in a period of growth and development.

At the age of 9 months babies have started to interact. The purpose of interacting here that he began to have understood the conversation he heard. Usually babies at this age can not be silent. Babies tend to approach the object or objects he loves to be held and played. At this age the baby is able to control the position in addition to a crawl, such as sitting or standing study.

Baby Food Menu 9 Months

The development of a baby 9 months lead to the introduction of language. Language babies at this age begin to develop, and even he was able to mimic the speech of their parents. Awesome baby development at this age should be supported by a 9 months baby food menu accordingly.
The age of 9 months she should really pay attention to complementary foods or solid foods given to the baby. Complementary foods at this age must meet the nutritional needs and nutrients your baby. At the age of 9 months of foods and nutrients needed really is not much different from the food in the previous month. At this age you can give 9-month baby food menu with teksur more viscous or too thin.

Feeding will train condensed milk teeth chew food. You can give a well-balanced meal on a child so nutrients and nutrients needed for growth and development can be met properly. You should know also that the provision of food containing excess of certain nutrients is not good because it will affect their growth.

Carbohydrates are generally not very much needed by the baby, giving carbohydrates 9 tablespoons already inadequate for exclusive breastfeeding is the best energy source for growth. It is important that you must still meet the needs of intake of nutrients derived from fruits, vegetables and animal protein.

Some healthy vegetables you can give to your baby. Healthy vegetables in question are carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, green beans and spinach. If your baby has allergies, avoid giving nuts, including green beans. Other vegetables can you give to your baby. But despite that, the vegetables with a high content of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, protein, phosphorus, sodium, and fiber kalisum a vegetable choice is right for your child.

Baby Food Menu 9 Months Right

9 months baby food menu is divided into two types. The first menu is to meet the needs of its main nutrients such as fat, energy, and protein. While the menu is both in the form of snacks that you can give to your baby in between eating time. The following 9 months baby food menu that you can refer to.

Tim Rice Chicken Liver

Materials Materials Needed To Make Chicken Liver Tim Rice

  • 20 tablespoons brown rice
  • 500 ml chicken broth
  • 20 grams of chicken livers
  • 20 grams of carrots
  • 20 grams of broccoli
  • 20 grams of cheese

How to Make Chicken Liver Tim Rice

  • The first step is, washing brown rice that had been prepared until completely clean. Then boiled rice with broth and chicken livers. Cook until it becomes mush. Cook, stirring, stirring.
  • If it has been thickened, you can put broccoli and carrots that have previously been washed.
  • Stir again until evenly distributed.
  • If it is cooked, lift the team and sprinkle grated cheese on top.
  • Then you can directly give it to the little guy.

Tim Rice Eggs

Materials needed

  • 20 grams of rice
  • 25 grams of chicken livers
  • 625 ml water
  • 50 grams know
  • 1 egg
  • 25 grams of spinach leaves are still young and already chopped fine
  • 25 grams of grated carrots
  • 2 tablespoons coconut milk cooked

How To Make Egg Tim Rice

  • First, boiled rice that has been washed with water, tofu and chicken livers. Stir and cook until it becomes mush.
  • Then, enter the egg and stir until completely cooked egg.
  • Put carrots and kale. Stir and cook until the vegetables cooked.
  • Further input coconut milk. Stir until evenly distributed. If it is cooked, remove and drain slurry before given to your baby.

Healthy Snacks: Biscuits Apples

Materials needed

  • 50 grams of apples
  • 2 pieces of baby biscuits
  • 2 tablespoons milk formula
  • 150 ml of warm water

How to Make Healthy Snacks Biscuits Apples

  • Dissolve first formula by using warm water.
  • Then, enter the biscuits that you have prepared. Then stir until evenly distributed.
  • Then, add the apples that have previously been dihalusan. Stir until evenly mixed. You can directly give to the beloved baby.
  • For tips when feeding your little one can try to ask him to play so that mealtime becomes more enjoyable.

Similarly, 9-month baby food menu that you can give to the beloved baby. May be useful.

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