Bath Night and Cause Rheumatism

Among the community widely circulated notion that shower the night can cause rheumatic diseases. Really an evening shower can be a cause of arthritis? Short description below explains about the causes of rheumatic disease that often affects the communities around us.


What is it rheumatism? The term rheumatism or gout widely used by people to refer to pain or pain that is often accompanied by stiffness in the joints, bones and muscles. If a person feels numb in one part of the body, not a few who jump to conclusions thought himself attacked by rheumatism. A physician rheumatism of Raden Saleh Medical Center, Jakarta, dr. Cecilia Padang, states that arthritis is a group of diseases that affect the bones, joints, or muscles or other tissues around the joints.

Bath Night and Cause Rheumatism

Indeed, there are more than 100 types of rheumatic diseases. And the cause of arthritis also vary. But seen from the location of pathological processes, rheumatism divided into two major groups namely extra-articular rheumatism and articular rheumatism. Extra-articular rheumatism occur outside the joints and most commonly found in 50-60% of patients. While the articular rheumatism occurring in the joints and is usually more difficult treatment.


Cause-articular rheumatism extra workload is excessive certain joints (overused) as is often experienced by lifters, gymnasts, or tennis players. It also can be caused by lack of sleep that lasted continuously causing prolonged pain in the muscles. While the cause of the articular rheumatism is a degenerative or aging process resulting in reduced bone mass / thinning, causing cartilage (spur) as a result of the reaction of compensation to replace the missing bone. That is why there pain in the affected areas of calcification.

Articular rheumatism type of attack that many Indonesian people is osteoarthritis and gouty arthritis. Osteoarthritis is often referred to as rheumatism due to calcification and mostly strikes people over 60 years old. Osteoarthritis affects the joints lot knees, hips, and lower back. When attacking the knee for example, can cause leg transformed into O, so that patients limping.

What about the myth of an evening shower? What an evening shower can be a cause of arthritis? According to dr. Cecilia, the myth is not entirely true. Cold water is only the originator, not the cause. Still according to dr. Cecilia, (previous) rheumatic talent would have been there in person.

In fact, changes in body temperature fluctuating and unstable due to the influence of cold air or water will indeed accelerate the recurrence of rheumatism or gout. Therefore, once it is known they develop symptoms of rheumatic try to keep the body temperature remains stable. For example a bath with warm water, wear a jacket or sweater in a cool place, drink warm water, sit around the fireplace or rubbing the body with liniment.


 five common symptoms of arthritis as follows:

1. joint stiffness in the morning

2. It is difficult to recover from injury. Thinks injured when affected by arthritis.

3. The problem feet, which is inflammation of the feet at the front.

4. Numbness or tingling in the hand (carpal tunnel syndrome), it is characterized by tingling in the wrist and hand.

5. Eye problems, such as Sjogrens syndrome, is an autoimmune disorder that causes dryness in the mouth, eyes, throat, nose or skin.


To prevent rheumatic consider the following things:

• Exercise regularly can prevent the onset of arthritic disease, such as swimming and riding a bike. Both sports are good for prevention because all the joint is moved regularly. In this connection, select the type of sport that is not too burdensome certain limbs only.

• For those who have high uric acid, reduce foods such as bean sprouts, spinach, offal, lamb, sardines, etc. that contain high levels of uric acid.

• Always keep your sit or stand properly since a kid. Especially posture while performing their daily work. For example, when lifting a heavy load, do not impose the entire burden on the back, but the load evenly by bending your knees when lifting heavy goods.

• Always be positive thinking, avoiding the wrong mental attitude, like irritability, angry, emotional, anxious, envious, etc. Negative nature as it joined a tense muscle, which in turn can lead to rheumatic diseases.

So from this brief article it seems clear that the main evening shower is not the cause of rheumatic diseases, but only the originator of course. Because, in fact the person concerned is already there "talent" rheumatism.

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