Causes of Reduced Breast milk and How to Overcome It

When the milk is reduced then the process would be hampered breastfeeding and your baby is not getting enough milk. To cope or find the best solution you need to know the causes of breast milk decreases.

Every parent wants health for baby beloved, especially if he is still in the stage of growth and development. Giving the best nutrition will support a healthy baby in the future. Where the nutrients a baby needs can be obtained from breast milk or breast milk.
Breast milk is the best food for babies before the age of 6 months. After stepping 6 months, babies are introduced to complementary foods or solids. However, despite that breastfeeding should continue until the baby is 2 years old.

Causes of Reduced Breast milk and How to Overcome It

The benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for infants truly enormous. In addition to infants who get the benefits, breastfeeding mothers will feel it. The content in milk will help the baby to maintain health. Various content in breast milk is beneficial to support the baby's health, growth and development.

As much as possible the mother will provide the best for their children, including breastfeeding. However, sometimes the process of feeding the baby does not go smoothly. Some mothers would often run into obstacles or barriers in the process of breastfeeding for baby beloved. Where one of the obstacles that are often experienced by nursing mothers that her milk supply started to diminish. Knowing as it was of course the mother is very worried and anxious. They fear the beloved fruit is not getting enough milk to optimize growth.

Basically the milk produced by lactating mothers will be directly proportional to the baby needs. So if there is a problem or interference with the production of milk, where the milk is getting less and less so there may be some factors that trigger this condition. So what are the causes of breast milk on the wane? Here are some conditions causing diminished breast milk.

Causes of Reduced Breast milk

Hormonal Problems experienced and endoktrin

Mothers who experience this problem due to low or high levels of tiroi, diabetes and hypertension resulting in difficult to get pregnant. After delivery, it will affect milk production. To resolve this problem nursing mothers can increase their milk production.

Hormonal Contraceptives

Other causes of breast milk is reduced as a contraceptive. Most production will be reduced in women taking hormonal contraceptives. Breast milk production will be amended and the milk produced will wane. However, in this case every mother has different circumstances. Although hormonal contraceptives cause breast milk diminished in women, but some women do not experience this situation.

If the cause of the milk is reduced as a contraceptive, then to overcome it you can use them to help stop milk production. Consultation with your doctor about proper contraception and will not interfere with milk production.

Mother Ever Did Breast Surgery

Breast surgery had to be done because of health problems or for the purpose of beauty. However, breast surgery will inhibit the production of milk, so that the milk produced become less. In addition, the same interference will be experienced by the women who experienced piercing in the nipple. Effects of the operation on milk production depending on the procedure performed, the operating distance with childbirth and breastfeeding without complications. However, not all women experience the same state. Where there are some women who can still be breastfed without restriction until a predetermined time.

Rarely Breastfeeding

Milk production will be disrupted if the breast remains fully charged. Breast circumstances were always full encouraged because mothers often do not breastfeed their babies. One way that can be done to increase milk production is to breastfeed as often as possible, because the suction the baby's mouth will help milk production.

Not Breastfeeding at Night

The condition of each nursing mothers are generally different. Most mothers do not give milk to her baby when the night will affect milk production. Breast milk produced by the mother will be decreased, and prolactin levels will be more when the evenings. Therefore, if the lower the resulting milk production be decreased.

Breastfeeding technique is Wrong

Mechanical or breastfeeding wrong way into one of the causes of breast milk decreases. If your baby does not stick perfectly when breastfed, then the milk glands will not be stimulated so that the result will not produce enough milk.


Masitis is a condition in which the mother's milk developed clots, clogging and form a lump in the breast. Masitis usually caused because the mother does not breastfeed regular invitation.

Pause existence Breastfeeding

When the state is disturbed, such as illness or other you may decide to stop breastfeeding a few days. However, this situation will only lead to the production of breast milk may be reduced or decreased abruptly.

Calcium deficiency

Lack of calcium causes the milk to decrease rapidly. If your body does not have sufficient amounts of calcium, then you can not produce and provide enough breast milk in your baby. In fact, one of the main content in milk is calcium.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Consumption of excessive alcohol and caffeine will inhibit milk production. Therefore, you should limit caffeine consumption on a daily basis. If you can, avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine during breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding mothers who are anemic tend to experience a disruption in the production of milk, where the milk is reduced.


As we know, the stress will have a negative effect on health. Stress that you will damage the natural hormonal balance. As a result, milk production will be reduced.

How to Overcome Reduced milk production

If you already know the cause of the milk is reduced, then you can look for a solution or a way to deal with the situation. How can you do to cope with diminishing milk production by avoiding some of the above causes. To augment milk production, you can increase the frequency of breastfeeding spending itself. The trick is to breastfeed your baby often. Because the more often your baby to breastfeed, then breastfeeding produced will be more and more. If mothers often give milk or breastfeed their babies in the first week of birth will assist in launching the production of milk.

To increase milk production, you can empty the breast using a breast pump tools. Breast milk production is determined by the exclusion of breastfeeding itself. You can pump your breasts between feeds. Continue the process of pumping breast milk for approximately 5 to 10 minutes after you finish breastfeeding. Massage do you do when pumping will help stimulate milk production.

To find out more about the causes of breast milk decreases and how to handle it, you can do a direct consultations with lactation experts. Because the condition of every mother has the distinction, as well as the handling is done.

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