Coping with Infant Fever After Immunizations

Most babies fever after immunization. However, the situation depends on the baby's body resistance itself. Overcoming important baby fever after immunization are known to help relieve the high body temperature and make it more comfortable.

Infant immune systems are still weak and incomplete, so it is vulnerable to health problems and disease. One way to prevent babies stay healthy and avoid illness is to boost his immune. Where to boost the baby's immune things you can do is to conduct immunization or vaccination.

Coping with Infant Fever After Immunizations

Vaccination either through oral or injection to help prevent babies from the disease that would disrupt and endanger health. By doing immunizations risk of babies developing the disease will be smaller than babies who did not do immunizations.
Immunizations must be done in the future development of the infants among them are BCG, where immunization was not changed significantly after injection. Hepatitis B immunization given 3 times and cause complaints such as pain and the baby suffered mild fever. But not all babies have the same complaint.

munisasi polio undertaken aim to prevent child does not have the disease polio, where this immunization does not cause any side effects. Immunization against measles usually will not cause side effects in some babies, if while the effects that arise among them are fever and diarrhea in infants. Hereinafter that DPT immunization. DPT immunization cause side effects such as the decrease in the small appetite, vomiting, pain in the area of ​​the injection site, and fever.

The benefits of immunization was incredible and we can not doubt. But sometimes some parents were concerned after immunization, where the increase in body temperature experienced by her beloved baby. When a child finds a fever after immunization in fact parents do not need to worry too much because this state is a normal state which would be experienced by every baby. However, if the fever or heat the baby does not go down in a long time, to make sure the situation is you can take him to the doctor.

Once immunized doctor will usually prescribe medication for fever. However, there are some things that can help you overcome the fever experienced by your baby after immunization.

Here are tips to overcome the baby fever after immunization.

Coping with Infant Fever After Immunizations

Breastfeed as often as may be

Baby fever will usually be quiet when he gets milk or breast milk. In milk are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory substances, so that by doing so to help reduce the effects of fever experienced by the child.

In addition, the baby will make the baby feel comfortable and calm as when he is feeding or resting in the arms of his mother.

Compress Using Warm Water

Compress the baby when a fever could be one way to cope with the baby fever after immunization. When the child should avoid compress, compress with cold water or ice water. Compress using warm water will be more helpful. Because, compress with cold water or ice water will make your baby shivering and lead to drastic temperature changes. The result will trigger your baby has a fever or seizures step. If it's like this then it will be fatal.

Use Clothes Comfortable

We recommend that you put the baby clothes that make him comfortable. You can put your baby loose clothing, thin and able to absorb perspiration. Also avoid swaddling or covering it with a thick blanket.

Routine Check with a thermometer Baby Body

When your baby fever after immunization, to ensure the development of the situation, you can check the baby's temperature by using a thermometer on a regular basis. We recommend that you use that thermometer digital thermometer. Because of cheap, these thermometers are also easily available and show a more accurate result.

Mercury thermometer containing mercury would be very dangerous if exposed to the baby's body when broken. However, if you're forced to use this thermometer should use with caution.

Former compress Injections

Former post-immunization injections will typically swell. The baby will feel pain when touched area of ​​the injection site. To reduce the pain and make your child feel more comfortable, you can compress occasionally with warm water.

Give Gentle massage

To make your baby feel more comfortable, you can give a gentle massage. But avoid giving a massage on the area of ​​the injection site.

When to Call the Doctor?

When your baby shows symptoms or signs of more serious post-immunization should you have to be more vigilant. Immediately take your baby to the doctor if he has a condition such as the following:

  • Her voice became hoarse and wheezing.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Experience hives are accompanied by the appearance of red spots.
  • Fainting or loss of consciousness.
  • His face became pale.
  • Heart beat.

That's some way to overcome the baby fever after immunization. Be sure to immediately take your baby to the doctor if the condition worsens.

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