Danger swaddle Baby Wrong

Danger swaddle Baby Wrong

Danger swaddle Baby Wrong - Although swaddle babies benefit. However, when one activity is done by one then the impact could be harmful to the baby.

Swaddle a baby is a tradition that has been carried out for generations of Indonesian society. Activity this one is a method to make the baby feel comfortable. Wrapping the baby with a cloth or blanket is believed to provide many benefits to the newborn. Terbungkusnya child in a cloth or blanket will provide a soothing sensation on the baby's body. This is because the cloth that covered her body will make the baby feel as like in the womb.

Danger swaddle Baby Wrong

Additionally, swaddle the baby was touted to make the baby sleep more soundly and longer than babies who are not swaddled. Not only that, the activities of swaddling a baby, the baby's legs will be straight and smothered with a cloth bandage. This will prevent the baby's legs bent at the time she grows up.

See quite a lot of benefits that can be obtained from this one activity. Then perhaps you would be interested to apply the same thing in your heart bauh. But this, this one activity was basically can not be done in vain.

Swaddle baby will indeed provide substantial benefits to the child. Only, if one activity is done correctly with the right. The fear that many experienced during swaddle newborns are mistakes made. It would be fatal for the little guy.

Newborns he was still so fragile and that the bones are still very soft. Mistakes made during diaper will probably hurt her. In addition, the activities of this one generally make a child's body difficulty to be able to move freely. Especially when the little guy just woke up from his sleep. The movement of the baby when he woke up that is not supervised by the parents will probably make your child is in danger.

How to swaddle the baby usually will first be taught in the home delivery. At the time there after childbirth, usually a midwife or nurse will teach you how to swaddle a baby. Well, for those of you who want to control the activities swaddle the baby alone. So when listening to lessons swaddle the baby will be essential.

However, if you do not feel confident enough to swaddle a baby alone it should not impose it. You can ask for help from others who are already experienced in swaddling a baby. As he slowly learned this one activity so that you can start to implement it properly.

For baby swaddle activities undertaken by the error will be harmful to the baby. So what are the dangers of the wrong baby swaddle? Listen below.

Danger swaddle Baby Wrong

Or swaddling swaddling has been used by generations since ancient times to wrap the baby's body. Especially for newborns. Generally, these activities are done to make the baby feel comfortable and able to sleep quietly.

But apparently there is a risk that is quite scary from this activity. Baby swaddle danger that one will affect the condition of the baby is wrapped in a blanket or cloth. The most common mistake of swaddle a baby is a risk of sudden death in the child that is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In addition to these risks, below are some of the dangers of the wrong baby swaddle others.

Disrupt brain development

Danger swaddle baby first one is this activity will bersiko interfere with brain development of baby. Research has revealed that the baby swaddle activities undertaken by too strong can affect brain development.

Whereby when the baby is experiencing rapid development and the need to communicate with the mother. But at this moment he is still swaddled with a reason to make the baby feel more calm. This makes the development of the child missed the golden period of brain development.

Especially for mothers who often swaddle baby and place it in the stroller. Things like this will actually make your child constantly asleep. In fact, at his age he needs to socialize. Although he does not understand many things, but in order to prepare his speaking ability, babies need to communicate with parents.

Well, at its core is a swathe of activities will be beneficial in calming the baby. Only, when carried too far. It actually would be dangerous for him. For that, not too often swaddle your baby.

Risk of Bone Hip Dislocation

Danger wrong baby swaddle is further increasing the risk of dislocation of the hip. This can occur if you are too often swaddle baby with a bond too strong. Dislocation of the hip is a condition in which the femoral head out of the socket in the hip bone. This condition will cause the hip bone baby having a change in position of the state should be.

For this reason, it is important to notice that when you membedungnya. Be sure to leave a space for your child can still move.

Causing Respiratory Infections

Swaddle done too strong can lead to many problems, such as respiratory tract infections. This can occur when the temperature is high breathing when swaddled. For that, try not too tight when swaddle your baby. In addition, it is important to always check the baby's body temperature every few hours.

causes fever

If your baby clothed and then swaddled by using a thick cloth such as a blanket then what happens to the baby's body temperature is overheated. This condition will cause the baby's body temperature is increased and exceeds normal limits. When this condition is exacerbated by high room temperature then most likely your child will get a fever.

For this reason, when swaddle newborns should adjust to the weather. At the time of the cold, then swaddling babies using blankets. Meanwhile, when the weather is hot, simply swaddle baby with a thin cloth.

Increase the Risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

SIDS or grama known as sudden infant death syndrome is the most frightening thing. It terjaid where a healthy baby suddenly experienced an illness that leads to death. SIDS condition can occur when the baby is sleeping. And dibedong then positioned terngkurap or sideways will increase this risk.

Therefore, when you swaddle a baby then you should make sure if your baby to sleep in the supine position. Must not fail to ensure your baby's sleep position remain in this condition for maintaining safety.
In essence, if the activities membedong done correctly and safely then there will be no danger of the wrong baby swaddle. May be useful and provide enough information that you need.

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