Danger When the Baby Often Kissed

Danger When the Baby Often Kissed - Parents who have babies, especially newborns should be wary. Your baby is still vulnerable to any disease. The condition usually occurs as a result of the entry of bacteria and other microorganisms into the body. Newborns often kiss can lead to considerable danger to his health.

Are close, stroking his smooth, smell him and kissed his cheeks are some fun things. Yes, some of it is often fun to do on a baby, especially a newborn. Why not, everything that happens with the baby is adorable. And often invites us to always be nearby. Neither of us who have a newborn.

Danger When the Baby Often Kissed

At the time of relatives visited the house and knew there was a tiny baby in our house. Then they will rush and excitedly wanted to see the little one is lying. And after he woke up then everyone will be alternated near the baby. Start of the rocking, stroking his face, up by holding his hand, into a series of things done by many people on your child.

But apparently mengerumuti habits and kissing babies is not good for the health of the baby. It's quite a relief to when you know a lot of people are exasperated with your baby. However, behind it all his health is threatened with great danger.

In addition to making your child feel uncomfortable. The child's body is still so small and their immune systems are still fragile, making it not ready with all these things. For this reason, when a lot of people who mengerubuninya child will probably feel cranky and weepy.

So what does the danger that may be experienced by a baby who often kissed? Listen below.

Danger When the Baby Often Kissed

The immune system is not yet fully formed in the baby's body, would make it more susceptible to germs and bacteria that enter the body. As a result of these conditions will make the baby susceptible to problems and diseases.

Keep the baby from the dangers of germs is not an easy task. Moreover, given the tiny babies are often surrounded by people who want to approach. In addition, they often tend to want kisses. And without realizing it will be able to make the germs more easily enter the baby's body.

Germs carried by people kissing babies will go into her body. This is what ultimately makes the germs take over the health of the body and spread to make the disease easier to come.

Well, if you often let the little guy kissed by others, especially those who do not recognize how history. Then you should start to notice these conditions. Because this is tantamount to your bridge germs and bacteria enter the baby's body.

Type Hazards In Infants Frequently Kissed

There are quite a lot of hazards that can affect your baby often kissed. Some kind of danger will essentially be at great risk. Especially considering the body and the immune system of the newborn is still so fragile. So what are the different types of dangers? Let's check it out.

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Type 1

Generally, herpes was first experienced by a person when they were children. Disease types HSV type 1 usually can move in another healthy person through skin contact with the disease. Suppose after being kissed by relatives affected with herpes, the possibility that this will happen to your baby.

Keep in mind that this type of virus is a contagious nature, mainly through the water on the tongue of the patient. For this reason, you should not let your baby's mother kissed by other people, especially those who have a history of suffering from this disease.

The condition usually occurs on the face with a marked organ injuries such as blisters blisters. In most diseases, these diseases most likely to affect the facial area. In contrast to HSV type two are generally more often attack the genitals caused by having sexual intercourse.

Only, HSV disease that attacks the newborn will be very fatal consequences. Because this condition will cause severe infection. Including on the skin, eyes, lungs and brain. So Thus, in infants afflicted with this disease, they will require intense medical treatment at the hospital.

Kissing Disease (mononucleosis)

Further hazards that may occur in newborn babies to kiss is the kissing disease. Infectious mononucleosis or abbreviated to "mono" it is, is generally called the kissing disease. Why is it called so? This is because the virus is transmitted through saliva. For this reason, this condition will be more at risk when the little kiss by another orag.

This needs to be properly addressed by both the cause of this disease is transmitted as soon as the common cold virus. In children afflicted with this disease, then they will show symptoms such as:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • tonsils swollen
  • skin rash
  • Swelling of lymph nodes in the neck and armpits.
  • Therefore, do not let mono infection occurs on your baby is still so small. This can lead to complications, such as organ pembngkakan spleen. If you experience these symptoms then you should immediately do the handlers. The treatment in question is to meet the needs of the fluid in the child's body. At this time, breast milk may be the only source of liquid that can be obtained by a child.

Bacterial meningitis

Meningitis caused by bacterial infection is called bacterial meningitis. This condition is a serious health condition and can lead to death if not treated. Even a few hours after the symptoms begin to be felt but never given the stakes handling lives.

Conditions encountered bacterial meningitis can generally be recovered. However, this condition are at risk of leaving a permanent disability. Like eg hearing loss, brain damage and much more.

The spread of bacterial meningitis fairly easily from person to person. In some cases encountered this occurs due to the saliva of patients about other people. Thus infants are often kissed it will be possible to experience this condition.

For this reason, keep your baby from those who want kisses. It is not appreciated but when the stakes are the baby's health then whatever the power. Therefore, you should avoid carrying your baby is still so baby out of the house. In order to avoid those who want to approach and kisses. In this way, the risk of transmission of germs and bacteria from people who tried to approach the child will be minimized.

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