Easy way Back in the Fight Acne

Talk about an endless stream of acne. Understandably small objects, is particularly disturbing appearance, especially for women. That annoying pimple grow anywhere. In addition to the face, the back area is also often the target of acne. Although located "hidden", acne on the back lot to make women insecure. Wear a backless dress? Hmm, that would be suicide.

Easy way Back in the Fight Acne

Acne growing on the back is slightly different to those growing in the face. This is because the location of the acne that is hidden and covered by clothing.

Here's how to deal with acne on his back.

  1. Clean the back area by using anti-bacterial cleaners. Do not use soap, because even make the skin dry and fertilize acne.
  2. Use cream containing benzoyl peroxide. You do this by gently applied to areas covered with acne. Allow to dry.
  3. To cope with sweat, sprinkle the powder after a bath and wear clothes made of cotton.
  4. If the activity is sweating, do not forget to take a bath.
  5. Shirt or bra should always be clean.
  6. To avoid the growth of bacteria, changing clothes twice a day.
  7. Avoid foods that can cause acne.

Cleanliness is health base. So even maintain a healthy body is very important to treat acne. If we used to live clean then acne is easier to treat, including pimples that grow on our backs.

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