Easy Ways to Take Care of Newborn

Easy Ways to Take Care of Newborn, The presence of children is expected by married couples, whether newly married couples as well as long-married who want to raise offspring. Of course, the two couples have different knowledge in matters of taking care of the baby. Newly married young couples are usually difficult to care for the baby because it has no experience.Caring for a newborn it's not easy to do, in addition to the power and emotion that always accompanies drained normally concerns. Many new parents feel confused or scared when they wanted to care for her newborn baby. The questions often arise, such as how to take care of the newborn? What should be considered when caring for a newborn? Well, for now you do not worry as you will find answers and solutions to these questions.

Easy Ways to Take Care of Newborn

Things To Look For When Caring for a Newborn :

  •     Note Safety and Hygiene Babies
As a parent you should really ensure cleanliness and safety of your baby. When you want to hold or make contact with the baby wash their hands first is what you need to do. You have to be careful when going to hold the newborn. Some parts that must be considered when carrying a newborn baby that is head and neck. Shaking a baby is something you should avoid. Because if this is done will cause the brain hemorrhage. If you want to invite to play the baby, then the baby's getting enough sleep at his place. Do not swung or thrown swing catch because it is very dangerous.
  •     change diapers
changing diapers is an activity that may be done by parents every day, depending on the intake received. changing a newborn's diaper is considered difficult because of the accuracy needed and must be careful. Intestinal problems, usually the baby will be born after two days of birth. Dirt released by newborns is usually black or called meconium. Meconium itself in the form of everything that has been swallowed by the baby while still in the womb.
  •     Giving Milk
Newborns must often be breastfed. In general, newborns were breastfed about 8 times in a day. When feeding the baby, it is recommended to be in a comfortable position or the alternate positions. When about breastfed babies do not wait for it to cry first. As a parent you need to have the initiative. Maybe you are not yet accustomed to feeding the baby. However, you and your baby will adjust over time.
  •     Comfortable environment
For the convenience of your baby should pay attention to their surroundings. Environmental baby should be comfortable, not too crowded or noisy, not too hot or not too cold. You must have noticed that the baby environment free from insect or mosquito bites. To that end, before the baby comes are required to perform fooging at home. Do not use insecticides in the bathroom for fear of poison will stick to the baby perlengakan.

  •     bathing Babies
Newborns do not need to be bathed every day. Which he quite washed 2 times in one week. If the baby's umbilical cord has not been released, it is advisable to be careful when bathing him. Bathing babies by wiped with a sponge or other soft material is the right way. When about choosing baby care products, such as baby powder, baby bath, baby lotion, etc., you should choose a reliable product and is made specifically and adjusted to the baby's skin.Before bathing, there are a few things to be prepared.
  1.     Sponge or washcloth 
  2.     Bathtub
  3.     Special soft towel for babies

 Easy Ways to Take Care of Newborn:
 The baby's body needs to be treated so that cleanliness is maintained. If not, then the little body will be vulnerable to disease. So part of the body that need to be treated?
  •     Umbilical Cord
Umbilical cord care newborn infants should be done properly, because this section are susceptible to infection. Here's how to take care of the umbilical cord:

  1. You must make sure that the baby's umbilical cord is always clean and dry in order to avoid infection.
  2.     Keep your baby's umbilical cord and keep it away from urine and feces.
  3.     Perform maintenance on the umbilical cord, simply by using boiled water only. Let the umbilical cord remains open and always pay attention to signs of infection.
  •     Eye
When in the womb the baby had never cried. Thus the source of the tears have not been produced. Sometimes open and close again, so the tears would be stagnant and does not flow. The tears were not flowing will be overgrown with bacteria that will arise and will jeopardize the dung eye cornea. Therefore, massage at the corner of the eye area should be done. Massage gently on the section by using cotton buds or fingers not long nails.
  •     Skin
Since not stand the cold, newborns minimal bathed once a day. In order for the baby's skin remains moist, use baby oil that can be done right. Baby room ventilation should be good to prevent prickly heat. If the baby appears prickly heat it enough to cope using baby powder were determined.
  •     Scalp
Newborns generally have a cradle crap or crust on the scalp. If it had been given a specific drug by a doctor, you can clean using lukewarm water gently. Keep the baby dry scalp, as if sweating the situation gets worse.
  •     Buttocks
Buttocks is an area in babies often have problems, because this area has a direct contact with wet diapers that will be susceptible to irritation. In this area are usually common red rash. Although not all babies experience it, but prevention needs to be done. 
  1.   If it is not necessary, do not use diapers a day. Quite a night just before bed.
  2.   Avoid changing diapers brand.
  3.    Compared diapers would be far better to use cloth diapers. If forced to use it, you can loosen your thighs and change them often.
  4.    Let the baby's buttocks occasionally open and make sure the room temperature is always warm so the baby is not cold.
  5.    If your baby has blisters or irritation caused by diapers, immediately contact your doctor to address it.
  6.   If you are feeding your baby with breast milk, it is important to avoid foods that are spicy flavor, acid and fat. These foods can cause frequent urination baby and will cause the buttocks become blisters. If this happens, you have to treat it with prescription drugs from a doctor.

It is important for you new parents to know detail by detail in Easy Ways to Take Care of Newborn to be in good health. So, Hopefully these tips helpful.

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