Free Pumping breast milk Milch For Busy Mothers

Remain busy working mother can give exclusive breastfeeding her baby by giving breastmilk. Note the guide pumping breast milk in busy schedules to support the smooth process of pumping breast milk.

Breastfeeding mothers are busy working outside the home still can give milk or breast milk for her baby. Considering Breast milk is the intake needed by the baby's growth and development, then breast-feeding should still do whatever the circumstances. Breastfeeding mothers and busy work could anticipate her breastfeeding the baby to the breast pump and give the expressed milk using a baby bottle or other tools.

Free Pumping breast milk Milch For Busy Mothers

Even so, sometimes breastfeeding mothers often complain would be a way to pump breast milk were less precise, causing her milk came out just a little. Pumping breast milk properly can be trained to provide convenience to the mother so that she was getting used. So what guides pumping breast milk is good and right?

Pumping requires skill, just like you while nursing your baby. Here's a guide to pump breast milk so that the milk produced more, do not make the nipple pain, stimulates reflex ASI and make you more comfortable.

Free Pumping breast milk Milch

Create a routine schedule in Sela Busyness

Breast pump to get the milk you can do with creating an effective time. You can pump breastmilk at the same place, for example in the room that is considered the most comfortable on the sidelines of office activities as well as with equipment that has been prepared. Then proceed to choose a comfortable position before you pump breast milk.

Massaging Before Pumping

Before pumping out the milk from the breast, you can perform gentle massage of the breast. The trick is starting from the armpit using a finger, fingertip precisely the opposite direction. Make a small lingakaran in your breast tissue just in one place. Move slowly your hand, you can do it again at the other. You can restart in about your breast done gradually leads to aerola using a spiral pattern. Then, you can massage the other breast.

If the milk flow slowed when you pump, you can do a back massage for a few minutes. This method is the best step that breast milk you produce more. Although breastfeeding mothers find it difficult to do this activity, but if done regularly will begin to get used to and more comfortable. Do not give up if your milk dairy bit. You can optimize it by doing this kind of massage.

Quiet and Relax

Before pumping your body and mind should be relaxed. You can start by drinking water. When nursing mothers rush to express milk and he was subjected to pressure, then the milk that comes out tends to be difficult and the milk produced too little.

Use Baby

One way that can make you calmer when pumping is by using your baby gear. You can take advantage of your baby's clothes or other items that can help you reminiscent of the beloved baby, so that way you will think that you are not pumping but rather provide direct breastfeeding baby. The flavors were unfamiliar and uncomfortable will hamper the milking process the milk. Usually some mothers will be helped to pump breast milk with the scent of a typical baby. Therefore, to facilitate you can bring your baby clothes.

Listen to Music

As a step to minimize distractions when you are pumping breast milk is by listening to the music. While it is pumping, you can try to play your favorite music or listening to soothing sounds of nature such as splashing water, the ocean, the sound of leaves or classical music so that you will feel more relaxed. Aroma therapy can also be utilized to support the process of pumping breast milk.

Use Special Equipment Pumping breast milk

For mothers who have problems with nipples like sore nipples and hurt when pumping by hand, then as an alternative measure that is by utilizing a special pumping device express the milk. When you try to pump breast milk do not rub your nipples directly flange.

Pumping More Often Able to Stimulate milk production

Sometimes breastfeeding mothers experience problems when pumping, in which one of the problems frequently encountered is the milk produced by the mother a little so it will not meet the needs of the baby. Nevertheless, nursing mothers can still improve their milk production. Milk production will increase if you frequently breastfeed your baby directly. In addition, milk production will also be more aroused when you pump breast milk more often. When you are pumping more often, it stimulates milk production will be more effective than the older pumps in each session.

Fix How Pumping breast milk

If you are using a special tool pumping, then you can do that is to check the milk pumping device if it is correct and you put it in the right position or not. To make sure you can use your existing user guide, so that way you'll have no trouble when pumping. If not, you can ask directly how to use a good and right in the manufacturer's representatives.

Breast Pumping Two Simultaneously

Some nursing mothers can use both breasts at the same time, namely by pumping both breasts to produce more milk. When you breast pump simultaneously, prolactin levels in the blood will be higher.

Use a Comfortable Clothes

In order for breast pumping process becomes easier, you can use the clothes are comfortable and supportive when breast pumping. You can choose tops loose so easily drawn up from the bottom or use clothing with buttons down the front.

Pumping Comfortable Position

Specify a comfortable position when you are pumping breast milk. Make you feel relaxed with these positions so that the process of pumping more convenient. Some breastfeeding mothers who pump breast milk at work can use the help tome to improve the knee so that the bottle of milk can be stored on a lap.

Mothers who have activities outside the home can still exclusively breastfed their babies with breastmilk. The above tips can help you in providing and provide breast milk for your baby. In addition to considering the above tips, there are some things you need to parhatikan before pumping breast milk such as hand hygiene. Wash hands with soap, and then compress the breast using a towel warmer and softer, prepare milk bottles or containers for storing breast milk, and others that support the process of pumping breast milk.

Thus some guidelines to pump breast milk that you can do on the sidelines of the bustle. May be useful.

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