Go Frequent Causes Baby Drool

Often the parents asked the cause of a baby is often drool because they mistakenly myths that circulate in the community. Drool itself is actually a normal state. However, please be aware if the child still salivating until the age of 2 years.

Every parent wants to witness the growth and development of her baby well. Will state that happens to her baby usually very conscientious parents, whether it's health issues or other issues which he considered unnatural.

Go Frequent Causes Baby Drool

Sometimes some parents feel disturbed by the frequent habit of baby drool. Based on the myth that developed in the community mentioned that babies often drool habits caused by mothers during pregnancy cravings for something but not delivered. However, the state of the baby drool actually no relationship at all with the cravings of pregnant women were not delivered. Where habit drool on the baby is considered as a normal state.

Generally, the habit of drool on the baby will disappear by itself as the baby gets older and more mature in its development a baby because he was able to control the production of saliva. In addition, the infant's ability to swallow was already perfect. Then what is the cause of a baby is often drool?

Frequent Causes Baby Drool

Physiological factors

Salivating or drooling which in medical terms is called shalore a common condition experienced by infants due to physiological factors or disorders that cause children often drool. Actually, looking at the baby like this you do not get too worried and anxious because drool will not cause a serious disruption in infants. However, despite that you must know and identify whether drool experienced by your baby be a serious symptom of a disorder or disease that must be addressed or not.

Concentration Baby Unstable

Other factors that cause frequent infant baby drool is because the concentration is not stable, the delay in speaking, dehydration, infections and others.

Saliva Production Rises

Drool on the baby also due to the increased production of saliva. Where the saliva production increases can be caused by the growth of baby teeth, administration of certain drugs, allergies to food, infections such as abscesses peritonsiler circumstances, mononucleosis or sinusitis.

Drool also occur when the baby was giggling. When the state of the baby's face gets flushed, then he will salivate. When the baby is walkin able to withstand saliva is in his mouth, then he will take it out with drool.

If the baby has a defect of the central nervous, then it will be experienced by the baby drool. This situation is caused because the baby can not menalan well. This situation is the same when the baby saw something he had never seen before. When he was pleased, and will be forgotten in the vicinity, as a result unwittingly baby will drool. However, if your baby drool suddenly without any apparent reason, then it could be he suffered poisoning. When the babies were poisoned, she would pull saliva. If these circumstances override your baby, immediately take it to the doctor.

Tips for Reducing drool In Infants

You can help reduce drooling in infants with the following tips.

  • One way you can do to reduce baby drool by reducing sugary foods that can increase saliva production.
  • If your baby has begun to acknowledge and understand the word of the people around, you can remind your child to often swallow saliva.
  • Similarly Remind your child to always lifted her chin and closed his mouth.
  • When your baby often salivate, then the simple solution is immediately cleaned. When saliva kept dripping, even to wet clothes and skin will make her feel uncomfortable. In addition, efforts to wipe his own saliva droplets by using his hands will cause irritation to the skin. Therefore, when your baby ngeces, you can quickly clean the face with warm water or simply wipe using a clean cloth, dry and soft. In order for the baby clothes are not wet with saliva, you can put it bases fed slobber.
  • If 2 years of age your child still salivating, bekonsultasilah doctor. That would reduce the risk of dangerous health problems and interfere with growth and development of the child.

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