He Content of Milk Formula for Babies

Understanding formula. What is the formula? Infant formula is a liquid or powdered milk with a specific composition to an infant or child that serves as a substitute for mother's milk. Formula or bottle-feeding is usually given if for some reason the mother's condition can not meet the needs of the baby milk, such as work, because the mother's milk that came out a little and others. Not all children want to drink milk or infant formula, and therefore the milk should be given to the aspect and condition of the infant or child.

The role of milk formula baby food is crucial. Nice formula feeding and appropriate bemanfaat to grow the development of the baby. Instead improper feeding will harm the baby in question. Hence formula on the market closely watched. Agency for Food and Drug Administration of America (Food and Drug Association) apply very strict standards for the circulation of milk with a special formula.


According to the basic ingredients, there are three types of infant formulas, which are made from cow's milk, soy milk and protein hydrolysis. A formula is the most widely circulated and most widely used is made from cow's milk for the nutritional value is considered the most balanced and easily digestible infant.

Soy-based infant formula intended for infants who are allergic to cow's milk or avoid animal protein. While milk protein hydrolysates intended for infants who are allergic to the two types of milk earlier.

Meanwhile, according to its form, the formula is divided into: milk powder, liquid milk concentrates and milk ready to drink. The most widely circulated is baby milk in powder form.


Nice and whether or not milk the baby is not determined by the brand or price. Famous brand or a high price does not guarantee good milk. In general, a good formula for a child or infant milk is appropriate and can be accepted by the system body of the child or infant in question.

The problem infant milk brands on the market very much, so the price is very varied. The price of super cheap to expensive. All brands of milk dairy products claim to be the nicest or the most good. Hmm .., confused, right? What must be tested one by one? Well, how to choose the formula that is good and right for the baby? Let's refer to the tips below.


Before choosing a particular brand of milk for the baby, there are two things to be aware yag. First, find out whether children are at risk of allergy or intolerance to cow's milk. Because most milk is cow's milk-based formulas. The trick if one or both parents have experienced allergies, asthma or mis-matched to cow's milk, it is possible that the child has the risk.

Secondly, know whether there are conditions or other disorders that occur in children from birth. For example digestive tract disorders, organ disorders, or other behavioral disorders. If it is known there is a risk of allergy and the condition or disorder, the parents should be more selective in choosing milk formula.

Furthermore, here are some tips on choosing a good formula for infants:

  1. Infant formula may not cause digestive system disorders such as vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation (constipation).
  2. The milk also may not cause other disorders, such as coughing, tightness, skin disorders and others.
  3. Milk is preferred by children or the most delicious does not mean the milk is the best. Although the milk is preferred by children, but if a lot of cause malfunctioning of the body system and it can be bad for children's health. On the other hand if the child's digestive tract is good and there is no interference, the appetite or drinking milk is also good.
  4. How AA and DHA are mostly found in baby milk? What affects the child's intelligence? Or AA and DHA is an indicator of a good formula? The opinions expressed AA and DHA affect the child's intelligence is still debatable. Results of research on AA and DHA are still many contradictory. Some research suggests the provision of AA and DHA have been more helpful in babies born prematurely. While the baby is born according gestation (not premature), the effect on the child's intelligence is less significant. Even the world body of WHO and FAO only recommend the granting of AA and DHA in infants born preterm alone (Source: Kompas).
  5. How does the addition of prebiotics or sinbiotik to fix the baby's digestive tract? During the base material is acceptable formula baby's digestive tract, then the addition of prebiotics and sinbiotik content in baby milk is not very helpful. On the contrary, despite the substance, but if there is content in cow's milk that is unacceptable gastrointestinal tract, then the result is a bad idea.
  6. Famous brands of milk or a top-selling brand is not a guarantee that the milk has the most good or the best. Famous or not a particular brand of milk is actually more due consideration the success of marketing strategies and distribution of goods.
  7. Expensive price also does not mean the content of formula milk most excellent and complete. But it could be because of cost of production and distribution.

Finally, the official formula of outstanding general have almost similar nutritional content. Because each follows a strict standard in the amount of calories, vitamins and minerals. A great formula for babies are in accordance with the conditions of each infant or child, and do not cause interference bodily functions in infants or children.

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