How Cradling Newborn Right

Cradling the newborn should be done with caution and carefully because the newborn's body is still weak. Hold him in vain will make it hurt. Some ways of carrying a newborn baby can do.

How Cradling Newborn Right

Birth is a moment eagerly awaited by every parent. Impatient, unhappy and restless felt by any parent awaiting the birth of a baby to complete her little family. To welcome the arrival of the baby, the baby needs all the equipment and prepared as well as possible. Ranging from baby clothes, diapers, sling, bed not escape the attention of parents. In addition to baby equipment and needs to be totally prepared, baby care also must be mastered by every parent. Bathing the baby, how to breastfeed right, maintaining cleanliness and health of the baby should really be done by the parents. Sometimes some parents feel confused when they wanted to care for her baby. Where this condition is usually befall a parent for the first time to have a child. Because the experiences of new parents are still very limited in caring for the baby.

Some things that often create confusion, especially for new parents is how to hold the newborn. Confusion as was reasonable experienced by a young couple in the care of newborns. It takes time to be able to hold the baby with the right. During that time, the learning process must still be done. However, that need to be known by every parent is that a newborn baby's neck muscles and motor skills are still very weak compared to old baby on it. Because such newborns have not been able to control his head. However, you should avoid fear and worry that too much. Holding a baby is a way that can be done to strengthen the relationship between parent and baby. When about holding a newborn baby is important for every parent to always pay attention to and sustain the baby's head and neck. There are several ways to hold a newborn who could do something like this.

How Holding Newborn


Cradling a newborn baby is the most frequently performed when holding a baby. Holding a baby with this method is very easy. First, lift or grab your baby is lying. Then place one of your hands just under your neck and head. As for the other hand is under the baby's bottom. Lift the baby and you can adjust the position of your baby until he feels comfortable and safe. Supposedly head and neck of the baby is in the inner arm as he picked up. Then, swing by carefully and slowly. This position is the right position to look at the baby.

Carrying and Hugging

Methods such holding is generally done after the baby suckle wrong. To do that, use one of your hands to lift your baby's head and neck. As for the other hand is used to support your baby's bottom. Where the vertical position your baby is in line with the position of your body. In this position, you can put your baby in the chest. When it's your baby will feel comfortable when listening to the heartbeat of their parents. Things you must remember is to keep note of your baby's head and neck. Make sure the nose is not closed.

Cradling When Breastfeeding

Carrying on infant feeding can you do when standing or sitting. First, put your right hand on the baby's neck and head. Then place it on the inner sleeve. For another buffer you can use the help of a pillow. For the other hand is used to hold your baby's bottom. Then hold your baby to the breast so that he can suckle.

Carrying Position Stomach

Holding the baby in this position can be done when the baby is fussy. Position your baby on his stomach, to the head and neck are at one end of the inner sleeve and your palms are used to support the baby's body bottom. You must ensure that your baby's face was not covered. Holding the baby in this position provides the freedom for you to pat the baby's back by using the other hand.

Avoid Shaking Your Baby

By the time you hold the baby avoid to shake. Because, shake a baby can cause bleeding in the brain and most fatal consequences that lead to death. This situation is known as shaken baby syndrome (SBS). In addition to shake a baby, another action that could cause such a situation is to throw and drop the baby. Like syndrome can occur until the child is 5 years old. However, most at risk are infants aged 6 to 8 weeks. Nonetheless, lifting and rocking the baby in a normal limits not harmful. Just avoid shake a baby under any circumstances. How to hold the newborn should be properly addressed. However, you should avoid excessive fear and doubt because it will make the baby feel uncomfortable. Should enjoy a moment where when you hold your baby. Her little face-to-face and enjoy every movement does. Similarly, some way to hold the newborn. May be useful.

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