How to Take Care of Your Baby's Skin

Easy way to take care of your baby's skin , Newborns have skin that is sensitive and can easily become irritated. Therefore, as parents you need to do to take care of a newborn baby's skin well and truly in the past like this.Newborn baby's skin condition is still soft and smooth like silk. His immune system was practically still weak. Therefore, these circumstances make baby's skin can not come into contact with various objects or baby skin care products, detergents, skin care products for the bath, materials and dye clothes, water to bathe carelessly. If you are not vigilant and careful when applying the product or any object, it could be your baby's skin irritation characterized by the appearance of a skin rash.Well, so you can care for and keep your baby's skin to keep it healthy, you can do to take care of newborn skin below.

How to Take Care of Your Baby's Skin

How to care for a newborn baby's skin :

Bathing your newborn

 Nowadays it can be said that the body of your baby is clean or too dirty, therefore you do not need too often to bathe your baby. If you frequently bathe him, even more than three times a week it is possible that the levels of natural oils on your baby's body eroded. Oil on baby's skin can be used to keep the skin from being dry.As long as your baby is a few months old, you can clean your baby's body only by means wiped it using a wet towel around 2-3 times a week. As for specific areas such as sex, you can clean it using water and a little soap.For the selection of soap advised not to use soap, and avoid your baby from a bubble bath. To keep moisture from your baby's skin can choose mild liquid soap. Liquid soap as this usually will not cause pain in the eyes.There are several things to consider when bathing a baby as follows.
  •     When bathing, you should really pay attention to the water that will be used. The water used should have a temperature that is not too cold and not too hot.
  •     After the bath, you should use a soft towel in order to keep your baby comfortable and non-irritating to the skin.
  •     When cleaning up a baby, you should rinse the anal area with clean water flow. If forced to use a tissue then it is advisable to use special wipes baby without containing alcohol. Therefore, alcohol is feared will make the baby's skin becomes irritated.

Moisten Baby Skin

 After the bath is recommended to moisten the skin with a moisturizer non perfume or fragrance-free moisturizers. This is done so that the baby's skin remains moist. It is advisable to use a moisturizer creams compared with lotion. Because, moisturizing lotions have a higher risk of making the baby's skin irritation.

Choosing baby skincare products

When choosing cosmetic products for babies you need to be more careful. Choose special cosmetics for babies is officially registered. Note also the content and expiration date. You have to put any baby cosmetics properly and appropriately in accordance with the rules. In order to avoid bad things will happen, it is advisable to use the product sparingly or not too excessive. Because, if the use of too much then the pores will be clogged and the rash will occur. Avoid the use of products or cosmetics containing alcohol, because the product as it is feared will make the baby's skin becomes irritated. It would be better if you consult a doctor before choosing baby care products that will be used.

Protect your baby's skin from sunburn

 Suggested infants aged less than 6 months or is not exposed to direct sunlight exposure, especially exposure to sunlight on the hour from 10 am to 4 pm. However, if you're forced to carry your baby out of the house and exposed to sun exposure, you can apply special sunscreen for babies skin on skin not covered by clothing. However, before you have to make sure that your baby is not allergic to certain products. Sunscreen SPF 15 and contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide is the right choice. Apply the sunscreen every two hours or when the skin begins to sweat.

Prevent Possible Problem Will Happen In Baby Skin

 Because the baby's skin is fairly sensitive then some possible problems could have happened to him. One problem that often affects the baby's skin is diaper rash. Some signs will appear if your baby has a diaper rash, such as tiny specks or spots the appearance of blisters in the diaper area as well as raised red spots. So that this situation does not overwrite your baby, then as a wise old man you should be able to prevent it by treating the baby's skin is good and right.

How to prevent diaper rash in infants :

  •     If your baby's diaper has been soiled or wet from feces, it is advisable to immediately change her diaper.
  •     Before you put the diaper on the baby's skin, you should make sure if your skin is dry.
  •     You can use petroleum jelly ointment or cream. Leave some time to dry before diapering. How this is done so that the skin is not too wet.

Thorough In Choosing Detergent For Baby

 Detergents should consider in how to care for a newborn baby's skin. To wash the baby's clothes are advised to use a special detergent for baby. However, not just any baby clothes that should be washed with detergent, but dress the whole family. Based on the experts, a rash that appears on the baby's skin may arise due to contact with any clothes that when they come in contact with the skin. It is advisable to wash clothes every member of the family, blankets, bed linen or towels by using a special detergent for babies. However, separate washing liquid to wash clothes or baby or adult. It is advisable to choose a detergent that does not contain fragrances.

Baby's scalp treatment

Newborns usually have dry skin and flaking like dandruff which appears in adults. However, in certain circumstances could have experienced a baby's skin blotches caused by hardening of the skin as thick scales that have a yellow tint and greasy. Although this condition is not dangerous and could disappear in a few months, but to keep your baby to keep them clean you should care.Such circumstances could you remove by washing the baby's hair using a shampoo specially babies. You can wiping your baby's scalp, accompanied by gentle massage that scales fall off. Then comb by using a special comb baby. If you have, you can rinse with clean water.How to care for a newborn baby's skin is easy easy difficult. However, for the sake of your health and hygiene as parents need him with patience. If your baby is born with abnormalities of the skin, you should be extra attention and care more. that's how to take care of your baby's skin thanks for read !

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