How To Increase Effective Weight Loss

How to gain weight. Weight and height are ideal, is everyone's dream. However, if your weight is excess or even less, can make you become less confident.

The body is too skinny look less attractive. Adding weight can begin with sufficient calories in the body and in a larger number of needs, such as eating foods to gain weight in the consumption that much. You can try adding these weight.

How to Increase Weight

How To Increase Effective Weight Loss

  • Increase eating or eating more often

How to gain weight by increasing the portion of a meal or more often
The way this one is not foreign to gain weight. By increasing the size of the meal, the body will get more intake to shape the body contains. You can also to eat more often, for example, before eating just three meals a day and in small portions, then you could be increased again to 4-5 times.

  • Drink plenty of water

How to gain weight drink plenty of water
It might be considered trivial as drinking water. Many people are not concerned with drinking water and they usually prefer to drink carbonated beverages such as drinks supplement the body and so on. Whereas consume fizzy drinks indirectly body will be damaged because in the soft drinks contained chemicals that may be harmful to the body. From now on, make it a habit to drink water, especially during the morning. The more consuming water, the body will be more healthy and ultimately the digestive process in the body was improved so that it can better absorb food nutrients perfect. Advised not to consume too excessive in the water, quite 8 glasses per day to prevent dehydration.

  • Increase consumption of carbohydrates

How to gain weight with carbohydrate consumption multiply
Various foods containing carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables, brown rice and basic food made from grain such as cereals and breads. Wheat-based foods are foods that are rich in fiber and nutrients needed by the body.

  • Adequate protein needs

How to gain weight with sufficient protein
Healthy protein sources can be derived from chicken, fish, and nuts can to meet the needs of protein needed by the body.

  • Chew food until smooth

How to gain weight by chewing food until smooth
Chewing food may seem trivial until smooth. But, until smooth chewing food can help weight gain, it is because it can be easier for the body to digest food. Moreover, the food eaten rather loud, so it will be difficult to be digested by the body.

  • Meet the need of mineral

How to gain weight with sufficient minerals
Mineral resources can be obtained from fruits, milk, cheese, vegetables, red meat, and nuts to provide for the minerals needed by the body.

  • Sufficient vitamin

How to gain weight with sufficient vitamin
Sources of vitamin can be obtained from a variety of different fruits, such as strawberries or bananas contains vitamin C which is rich in vitamin E.

  • Sufficient fat

How to gain weight with sufficient fat
Sources of healthy fats such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6. Sources of omega-3 can be obtained from fish and walnuts. While the source of omega-6 can be obtained from vegetable oils such as coconut, sunflower seed oil, corn.

  • Avoid drinking before eating

How to gain weight to avoid drinking before eating
Drinking water before meals is recommended for those who are undergoing a diet program, but not the recommended way to add weight. Drinking water before a meal can make the stomach feel full in advance so that the portion of food was reduced because it has been filled with drink taken before the meal.

  • Avoid staying up late

If intending to gain weight, it is required to eliminate the habit of staying up late, unless there are important things that must be done. The body needs sufficient rest, especially at night. At night is when the body is resting after a long hard day. With rest at night, the body will recover and improve the function of the organ.

  • Avoid caffeine

You should think twice about consuming caffeine in running the program to gain weight. This is because the caffeine in coffee acts as an appetite-suppressant. Acid content in coffee can increase stomach acid that there is ultimately increase the risk of stomach ulcers that can make the body more difficult to eat.

  • Quit smoking

How to gain weight by quitting smoking
For active smokers, may be a thin body due to smoking habits. This is because smoking is similar to caffeine that makes being a lack of appetite and impair the function of other organs in the body. It would be nice to stop smoking immediately. Besides being able to harm themselves, smoking can also harm people around when the smoke inhaled can lead to asthma.

  • Expand snack

How to gain weight with a snack multiply
Snacks can also be good in the process of weight gain, especially for those who lack appetite. Snacks can needs sufficient calories needed by the body.

  • Drinking milk regularly

How to gain weight by drinking milk on a regular basis
Get in the habit of drinking milk, despite being an adult. This is because the milk can also add a healthy weight. It is advisable to drink milk two times a day. Milk includes important that we should consume, because included into groups of 4 healthy 5 perfect food.

  • Sport

How to gain weight with exercise
Although eating lots of healthy food and do all the way to gain weight, but rarely exercise, the efforts that have been made can be somewhat futile. All the way to gain weight should be balanced by a regular exercise activity. You can do light exercise such as cycling or push-ups.

  • certain diseases

How to gain weight to overcome certain illnesses
Certain diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma, diabetes, thyroid hormone disorders, diseases of the digestive tract, cancer, and so can lead the sufferer to experience difficulties in increasing body weight even in certain circumstances it will be the weight. Therefore, the need for coordination between the doctor and patient to address the underlying causes of the disease and it's important to do.

That's 16 ways to gain weight you can do. If the above methods have you tried but no positive result, then keep trying and be grateful for what you have in yourself. Thin body does not mean not good, there are many other potential within yourself that can be dug in order to show how special you are to others.

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