How to Keep Your Skin Health the Right

how to maintain healthy skin, there are two kinds, namely in general and in particular.

How to Keep Your Skin Health the Right


Included in this are:

1. Stop smoking

Smoking makes the skin look dull, not bright and added wrinkles, especially the skin around the mouth. Smoking will ruin the small circulation of blood and oxygen in the skin. Quitting smoking will make the skin more manicured and maintained their health.

2. A balanced diet

A balanced diet is a diet by eating a healthy diet and contain plenty of vegetables and fruits to get the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

3. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise in addition to keep skin firm and healthy also maintain ideal body weight in order to stay.

4. Get enough sleep

Break is best to sleep enough. Sleep is needed to repair cells damaged body, including skin cells. Enough sleep and regularly helps maintain healthy skin and body back in shape.

5. Protect from sunlight

The sun emits ultraviolet rays that can damage the skin's collagen network. The skin will thin and easy to going wrinkles.

6. Coping with stress

Overcome stress immediately. Stress besides damaging mental health, also will have much effect on skin health and shape of your body.

7. Avoid alcohol

Avoid alcohol consumption was necessary. Therefore, the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Besides alcoholic, alcohol consumption will damage the liver.


Which referred specifically to maintain healthy skin is to treat the skin on a regular basis and do every day.

1. Clean the skin

Clean the skin is washed and face wash according to skin type:

For oily skin with soap vegetable that contains avocado and almond. For dry skin with soap containing honey so that the skin remains moist. For normal skin can wear tea compounds or Greentea.

When soap facial cleanser containing scrub, use 2 times a week. When used daily, the skin will quickly dry and irritated. Clean the skin must be done every day. Clean the skin regularly will avoid acne and skin will be firmer and fresher.

2. Shower at least twice a day

Do not get used to bathe in a hurry. Because in the bath that we can clean the whole body in total. Especially if we bath with aromatherapy, then in addition to cleanse the body physically, we can also eliminate the fatigue of body and mind. So that we become more relaxed body and soul.

3. Wear sun block and lotion

We live in a tropical climate. If travel is good during the day out of the house to the office, the streets or elsewhere, do not forget to wear sun block so that the skin does not dry protective, burned and blackened. Whereas if it is air-conditioned room of wear moisturizer or lotion to prevent dry skin and cause wrinkles.

4. A balanced diet

Skin health care must be accompanied by a balanced nutritional intake. Food and beverages consumed must be rich in nutrients, high in fiber and contain fluids and minerals are complete.


1. Clean the skin should be carefully put the cleaners in the morning, afternoon and evening. Clean skin will be more immune or resistant acne and freckles.

2. The remains of cosmetics and makeup is still attached to the face or skin cleaned up the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

3. Use a suitable lotion or moisturizer to soften and protect the skin, and avoid dehydration.

4. Use a night cream to nourish and repair the skin cells during sleep.

5. In order to more effectively use a scrub and mask once or twice a week.


Premature aging is characterized by four things: the wrinkles, stains black (age spots), skin texture is more rough, and dilated pores.

In general, human skin achieve its best condition at the age of about 20 years. At that time the sebaceous glands are well controlled because of the hormone androgen in this age are balanced. The epidermal layer functions are also very well hold water so the skin looks toned.

Entering the 30s slowly began the premature aging (degenerative). At that time the production of collagen naturally began to decline. As a result, skin begins to smooth wrinkles, slack and no longer tight.

Proper skin health care in the early 20s were helpful to slow the advent of premature aging while maintaining skin health and fitness later in the day. Nothing wrong, we start with as early as possible. If not now begin, when?

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