How to Overcome Difficult Spot Baby?

Baby difficult to eat is a condition often experienced by the mother. Do not let! In order to provide adequate daily nutrition, soon overcome this situation by overcoming a difficult baby eat right.

After the age of 6 months, the baby not only breast milk intake only, but at that age he was introduced on complementary feeding or solids. When it began to introduce complementary feeding, usually the mother is very enthusiastic. As much as possible a mother would prepare the best food. These foods are healthy foods that contain nutrients and balanced nutrition for baby beloved.

How to Overcome Difficult Spot Baby?

However, sometimes some obstacles come when feeding the baby. Where one of the problems often experienced and the mother of the infant annoyed difficult to eat. When a baby is difficult to eat, he tends to reject the food given by her mother. The cause is too many things, one of which is due to a poor appetite or there are errors on the menu of food prepared by his mother.

Knowing the baby's condition like this, as a mother you will certainly feel worried and anxious. Nutrition and nutrients needed to support the growth will not be met.
Such a situation is not only experienced by one or two mothers only. Many mothers who experienced the same situation when feeding her baby. So with that, it is important to know how to cope with difficult babies eat for health and optimize growth and development of the food it receives. Here's how to cope with difficult babies eat.

How to Cope with Difficult Babies Spot

Create Variations Food

Infants may be difficult to eat because he was bored on the food menu that's all he received. Therefore, to solve it you can make the menu more varied diet for your child. Make a different menu each day, but you still need to pay attention to the content of nutrients and nutrients in the food.

In addition to a varied diet, you can also pour creative when serving meals for the little guy. Try ornamental or food form so that your child feel happy and enthusiastic.

If your baby is still difficult to eat, during which you can provide food during the time he liked.

Preferred Know How to Eat Baby

Each child has a way of eating is different. As a way to cope with difficult infant feeding, you can identify how to eat that she liked. Try to give your child a meal with the most preferred way like for example hold her, take her out, sitting on a dining chair or others.

Entice Your Baby with a Fun Way

If it remains difficult to eat, then you can persuade him in a fun way. So what kind of a way to persuade in order to eat? Here's the explanation.

Take advantage of Toys

Try to take advantage of your baby toys. You can position your baby in a special dining chair baby. Then, save the toy above the dining table. By the time your baby is already tired of his toys, then you should replace it with another toy. Typically toys more easily attract the attention that the toy reads. When your child is busy playing the toy and he is in a state guard, then it will be easier to open his mouth when the spoon attached to the mouth.

Publish Cartoon Film

Various cartoon characters contained in the film are usually very interesting baby. You could try showing the film when your baby is eating. As he enjoyed the film, it will be easier to open his mouth when the spoon is brought near her lips.


Babies will feel happy when people around him applauded him. This way you can do to persuade her to get her to eat. Once the food into his mouth, you can give a round of applause for the little guy. With such he will feel happy and ready for the next meal.

Use Spoons Different

Usually the child is interested in objects with beautiful colors. To make it easy to eat, you can replace the spoon every time he eats. This is done so that he is interested in the new eating spoon.

Eating together

Baby's appetite will usually be moved when they see people around them eat. Therefore, you can get him to eat with other family members. If not, you can ask for help from others to eat in front of him.

Give Spot After Shower

The warm water is used for bathing make blood circulation becomes more smoothly. In addition, it will also trigger hunger. Although some mothers prefer to feed their children eat before showering, but it does not hurt if you feed your baby after eating. So it is difficult to eat would be more excited.

Give Water

Sometimes a baby is often close his mouth after being given a mouthful. If you like this, you could offer a drink with a little water, then give it back the next mouthful of food.

Bribes by Using Hand

Feeding by hand is generally easier than using a spoon. Therefore, you can try to feed the child with his hands, but adapted to a diet that will provide. Note also the cleanliness of your hands before feeding him.

Keep patient

Sometimes mothers feel exasperated and annoyed when his trouble eating. However, despite that do not force especially until she refused to cry. Be patient and try to feed it in the next time interval.

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