How To Overcome Mastitis In Nursing Mother

Mastitis in nursing mothers a reasonable circumstances. Nevertheless, the disease would hamper the process of breastfeeding or breast-feeding, which consequently baby will not get the nutrients needed for growth. Because as it is important to know how to tackle mastitis in lactating mothers.

The child is a gift given by God, because such parents will always give you all the best for his beloved baby. Caring for the baby to be carried out with full responsibility, is no exception breastfeeding to support the growth and development of infants.

How To Overcome Mastitis In Nursing Mother

Breast milk is the main food and baby first. Breastfeeding must be done until the baby is at least 6 months old. Exclusive breastfeeding has many benefits, both for the baby and for nursing mothers. Exclusive breastfeeding helps the baby to get natural antibodies are useful for preventing infection. Not only that, breastfeeding is helping your baby's digestive system is still not perfect, where the baby can easily adapt to the composition of breast milk.

However, sometimes breastfeeding is hampered by several problems caused by the condition of nursing mothers. Some of the obstacles are often approached lactating mothers in breastfeeding their children, one of which is mastitis. Some mastitis breastfeeding mothers will find it difficult when giving breast milk for her baby.

Mastitis is itself a problem where nursing mothers breast inflamed due to infection. Breastfeeding mothers suffering from mastitis will experience swelling of the breasts. The swelling is accompanied by pain. In addition, the breast changes its color, the temperature will be increased to higher than normal. If the condition is severe, usually nursing mothers will have a fever or chills.

Inflammation of the breast will surely disturb peroses breastfeeding. Nutrition should be obtained by infants from breast milk is inhibited, so that the baby's development will run into obstacles.

In some cases of mastitis in lactating mothers usually resolves itself. But even so this one breastfeeding problems need to be addressed immediately. Otherwise, this situation will affect the baby. In addition, mastitis disease that silenced likely to cause complications.

Overcome Mastitis In Nursing Mother

Overcoming mastitis in nursing mothers is important to do immediately. Several steps can be done to address the treatment of mastitis in lactating mothers. However, before knowing how to cope with mastitis in nursing mothers, it is important to know the causes and symptoms.

Cause Mastitis In Nursing Mother

Mastitis itself due to breast milk or breast milk stuck in the ducts, so that this situation causes irritation to the surrounding tissue, and trigger the onset of swelling and pain.

Other causes are due to bacteria present on the breast tissue. Where mastitis-causing bacteria can get into the breast through breast milk duct, or enter through the nipple, where nursing mothers experiencing nipple chapped. This situation is generally more often experienced by women who are breastfeeding. However, do not rule out the possibility of women outside the lactation period of having this disease.

Other factors that cause mastitis in nursing mothers is due to the accumulation in the breast milk. This situation is caused due to improper feeding position or the process of weaning is done too early.

The factors that cause mastitis in them as follows:

  1. Breastfeeding irregular, or not breastfeeding after the baby is born.
  2. Previously never experienced mastitis or an abrasion, which is a state where the cracked nipples.
  3. Pressure breasts. Where this condition is triggered due to improper sleeping position, breastfeeding is too strong, do not use a sports bra and a baby sleeping in the breast.
  4. Fungal infection of the breast.
  5. Breastfeeding mothers have diabetes mellitus, unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, use of certain types of drugs and so forth.
  6. Symptoms Mastitis In Nursing Mother

Mastitis happens during lactation can attack only one breast only. Symptoms appear as the disease can be sudden. Where the mother mastitis usually experience bruising redness in the breast, often feel itchy in the breast area, while nursing sore breasts, breasts often feel pain, a lump in the breast is very painful. When mastitis occurs in one breast, the breast size of the premises will be greater than the other breast that occurs because of the swelling. In addition, the mother will usually be easy to feel tired, enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit area, even in the case of severe nipple nursing mothers will fester.

Breastfeeding mothers may experience flu-like symptoms before finally realizing that there is a change in the breast. If you experience the symptoms mentioned above, then you should immediately consult your doctor to find out how to overcome the right so that the occurrence of complications due to mastitis could be prevented early.

Overcome Mastitis In Nursing Mother

The treatment is done sebegai step treatment for patients with mastitis is to remove the blockage that occurs in the milk ducts. This method is performed to reduce pain and swelling.

Although breast mastitis, but breastfeeding at the breast must be performed. It is precisely to stop breastfeeding on the affected breast mastitis will further aggravate the situation.

To reduce pain and swelling can be done by using an ice compress on the affected breast area mastitis. Reproduce consume fluids and rest is recommended. To find out how to cope with mastitis are safe for both mother and baby breastfeeding can consult a doctor.

Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics that serve to overcome mastitis, reduce the risk of serious complications.

How to Prevent Mastitis In Nursing Mother

Mastitis can be prevented by measures such as the following:

  1. Breastfeeding should be done as often as possible in accordance with the needs of your baby. If you feel fuller breasts, then you can pull out the milk either by way of direct breastfeeding in infants or using dairy.
  2. Avoid cleaning the breasts or nipples with soap when you're done breastfeeding. The best way you can do to clean the breast after breast-feeding by using a cotton ball moistened with lukewarm water. Avoid damp, you can dry it using a soft towel.
  3. Avoid choosing a bra that can suppress breast. We recommend using bra with a material capable of absorbing perspiration. To avoid perspiration and infection, you can change bras more often.
  4. Although mastitis in nursing mothers regarded as reasonable circumstances. But it would not hurt if you are wary of this one disease. Important to recognize the causes, symptoms, how to cope with mastitis in nursing mothers as well as prevention.

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