How to care for your baby's eyes

How to care for a newborn baby's eyes should be done with earnest. Note any changes in your baby's eyes, if there are signs of infection contact your doctor immediately.Caring for a newborn is not easy, some difficulties will be encountered when caring for newborns, especially if the child is the first child.Care for newborns should be done properly. Because, if the baby is not treated properly, as well as body hygiene neglected then he will be vulnerable to any disease. Thorough and careful is the thing to do when caring for a newborn. In addition, considerable knowledge is needed so that if the mother care for her baby alone at home is not going to happen things that are not desirable as well as away from the word confused.

How to care for your baby's eyes

All parts
of the baby's body should be properly addressed and taken care of properly, including the eyes. Cleanliness baby's eyes should be maintained in order to avoid bad things will happen.In the eyes there are sources of tears that is located above the eyes. Research shows that every three seconds a source of tears will be tears, tears which will then flow into the channel located at the tip of the eye, exactly near the nose. In the womb the baby had never cried, which boast the tears still not been produced. As a result, the source of tears is still closed. However, sometimes the baby's eyes will open and then close again, so the tears that should flow into the stagnantTears have strange properties, which tears out of the eyes water source has a good function that is capable of killing bacteria, but after a few minutes of tears are no longer able to kill germs. On the contrary, the tears will be food from germs. Therefore, when the tears do not flow and remains stagnant, will be the growth of germs and dirt will eventually lead to the eye or eye dung. In newborns, the eye droppings can be harmful to the cornea of ​​her eyes. Well, to prevent droppings eye in newborns, therefore it is advisable for the mother to carefully take care of the baby's eyes. Here are some eye care newborn.

How to care for your baby's eyes :

 How to Take Care Baby Eyes To Preventing dirt 

To prevent dirt eyes, how to care for the infant's eyes can be done in the area of ​​the corner of eye massage your baby. Perform massage by using your finger nails are short so as not to hurt the baby's eyes. However, to be safe you can do massage on the baby's eyes with a cotton buds that have previously been moistened using boiled water. Perform massage on your baby's eyes gently from the corner of his eye toward the bottom and toward the nose. You can do massage on your baby's eyes as much as once every two weeks.

Clean the dirt Eyes

 If there is dirt eye on your baby, then you do not clean it carelessly. How to care for the baby's eyes to remove dirt eye advisable to clean using sterile cotton previously moistened using boiled water. For each eye is advisable to use a different cotton. However, if dirt eye on your baby is still not lost even been cleaned, immediately take your baby to the doctor. The reason, the situation could be because your baby is infected by germs.

watch your baby's eyes

 You should frequently see or pay attention to your baby's eyes. See if there are signs of liver infection in your baby's eyes. Infected eye is usually put out quite a lot of dirt, the white of the eyeball will change color to red, eyelids could be enlarged or swollen. Immediately take your baby to the doctor if it shows signs like that.

Why Infants Can not Open the eyes When Born?

 After some babies born normally can not directly open his eyes. It was due to the pressure when passing through the birth canal so that makes her eyes became swollen, enlarged and swollen so that he would have difficulty opening his eyes. However, this situation is only temporary. If you want to immediately see the child opened his eyes, then you can give him a fishing rod so that her eyes were open. Position your baby stand when holding him, with their eye reflex, the doll will open his eyelids like a doll.

Redness Around a Baby's Eyes?

 If your baby eye redness, then as a wise old man you must be vigilant because your baby may have an infection. To get the best treatment immediately take it to go to the doctor. However, to how to care for your baby's eyes and reddish overcome that arise in the eyes of some reason you need to know the following.
  •     The eyes of infants infected by bacteria in the mother during childbirth. Signs are usually seen that the eye will look yellowish, odor and swelling redness.
  •     Contaminated with blood or amniotic fluid during childbirth, which is characterized by murky brown eyes, but no smell.
  •     Clogged tear duct that makes tears flooded. The sign is always watery eyes and their droppings are always stick but is odorless

As a parent, you should be able to care for and maintain the cleanliness of your baby's eye every time. Quickly bring your baby to the doctor if there is any discrepancy in the eye.

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