How To Take Care of Organ Intimate Baby

Baby sex organs is a very sensitive part. Required safe and appropriate way to care for babies sex organs in order to avoid the problem.

Infant health and hygiene are important things that must be considered by every parent. Cleanliness infants should be kept from toe to tip of the head to avoid infant health problems, considering the baby is still weak and vulnerable to infection.

How To Take Care of Organ Intimate Baby

Maintain the cleanliness of the baby one of them could have done with a baby bath on a regular basis by way of bathing is good and right. When bathing, every part of his body must be looked at closely by parents, especially certain parts difficult to clean as well as the baby's sex organs.

The sex organs of a baby is one of the baby's body parts that need extra attention. Because the area is easily infected. Caring for baby sex organs in fact easy bother. In general, taking care of a baby sex organs can be done with a step like this.

Caring for Organ Intimate Baby

  • After a bowel movement, it is advisable to immediately clean the area of ​​the sex organs the baby as soon as possible. Because the faeces mixed with urine will cause the baby's skin is irritated.
  • To clean the baby's sex organs area, you can use water or water that has been mixed with a special baby soap-free alcohol and perfumes. If there is no water, you can use wet wipes and alcohol-free fragrance. Soap or wipes that contain alcohol and perfumes will affect the balance of your baby's natural protective skin.
  • If you have, you can line the area of ​​the sex organs of your baby using a soft towel. Quite dry by patting the area. Because, if you rub the area too strong will cause damage to the surface of the baby's skin is still smooth.
  • If your baby spend more time at home, you can leave it in diapers.
  • After clearing the area of ​​intimate organ, should not be too quickly put back in diapers.
  • If your baby to defecate before showering, droppings should be cleaned first and then you can immediately bathe.
  • Caring for intimate ogan baby girls and boys are not the same. To find out, see explanation below.

Caring for Organ Intimate Baby Man

To clean the sex organs baby boy, you can wipe it away using a clean diaper. Then, you can clean it using a clean cloth that has been soaked in water. Rub the cloth in all areas of your baby's sex organs.

When in the process of changing diapers, you can close the genitals using a clean cloth or diaper. This is done to keep your baby's genitals remain in the warm. When you diapering, keep your baby's genitals position down so that when he urinate urine does not get scattered to the waist area.

If your baby is not circumcised, the foreskin of his penis is still closed. To clean, avoid the forcibly retract the foreskin. Because, this will make the foreskin tear, consequently your baby will feel pain and there are sores on the genitals.

If your baby has been circumcised after a few days he was born, his penis may look red, swollen and yellowish mucus. These conditions are considered normal as recovery conditions. Wounds caused by circumcision will usually heal after 10 days.

Caring sex organs boys are circumcised are only allowed to use water only in the first few days. Should avoid cleaning it with soap because it will only irritate the skin.

Caring for Organ Intimate baby girl

Caring for a baby female sex organs should be done more carefully, given the risk of infection is greater in female infants. When cleaning the sex organs female infants, wipe the area from front to rear direction. This is done to prevent the transfer of bacteria from the anus to the genitals. If the diaper is used by your baby is very dirty, even the stools were already on to the area of ​​sex organs, then you should open the vaginal lips of your baby with fingers that are already clean. You do not need to scrape this section is too deep, the article of this section still could clean itself naturally.

Wipe your baby feminine area using a clean cloth that has been dampened with warm water. Clean the feminine area should avoid this by using soap.
In male infants, may be visible genitals swell in the first few days after your baby is born. Knowing this way you should not be too worried, the article of this situation is normal and not dangerous. Within a few months of his penis will return to normal. What you need to be aware, if your baby's genitals remain swollen, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Likewise with the girl, you will see red and swollen genitals. Maybe genitals will issue a clear colorless liquid nipple or even accompanied by blood. Such a situation is not much to worry about because it is a normal condition. This occurs due to the effects of exposure to hormones while a baby is still in the womb. Within weeks, this condition will disappear by itself. But if you are still worried, you can ensure the situation in consultation with the doctor.

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