How Weaning From Breastfeeding Good Son and True

Once your child is ready to show the characteristics weaned, you can quickly wean a way to wean the child from the mother's milk is good and right.

During the first 6 months in their lifetime shall be exclusively breastfed infants. Even in Indonesia alone, the rights of children to get milk from the mother are protected by the Act.
Once they step on the six months, when he can already introduced complementary foods to meet the nutrition and nutrients needed to support the growth and development of the child.

How Weaning From Breastfeeding Good Son and True

Nevertheless, the general term for the mother to breastfeed her child that is, until the age of 2 years.
Once it was time to be weaned, the mother would find a way to wean the child from the mother's milk is best and appropriate both for the mother and for the child. Weaning babies generally very difficult and not as easy as imagined so far. Weaning from breast milk requires patience. In addition, you also need the right strategy.

Before you decide to wean your child, first you need to know in advance the signs of child ready to be weaned as follows:

  • The child is able to sit with your head upright and in a long time.
  • Coordination between the hands, mouth and eyes have been able to work so well that it will be easier to put food into his mouth.
  • Rejecting when feeding.
  • Only refused her nipples a few times, and then she stopped breastfeeding.
  • When being suckled, little more often pay attention to the surrounding circumstances, want to go down, or so forth.
  • More interested in drinking by using a cup.
  • Even so you do not misinterpret these signs. Because it could be signs your child is shown as decreased appetite due to teething.

How Children Weaning From Breastfeeding

How to wean a child from breastfeeding to start depends on the character and needs of children and lactating mothers. Before deciding to wean the child, it is important for every mother to know the signs of a child ready to be weaned as described above. The tips below can serve as a reference for breastfeeding mothers when their children weaned from breast milk.

Slowly start-Land

When deciding to wean a child, it is advisable to start slowly. Getting started weaning with gradually or slowly is not only beneficial for the child, but also useful to the mother. When you reduce the frequency of breastfeeding your baby gradually, then your milk production will decrease gradually. Breastfeeding decreases gradually is important so that will reduce the risk of engorgement.

Starting in the Weaning Business Day

Started to wean the child will be easier if it is done when daylight. Because the child suckle usually when the morning and evening. How to wean a child from breastfeeding can be started when daylight to reduce the frequency of breastfeeding, where you can replace them with solid food. However, still give milk when evening.

Without Tidurkan Breastfed Babies

If your baby has feeding habits before bed, then you can try to euthanize the child without feeding. Make a way to wean the child from this milk gradually. Instead, you can create other ritual as an introduction let your baby sleep like listening to music, reading fairy tales or others. Try to keep your child feel comfortable.

Do not Let Baby Hunger or Haus

Your child will ask to breastfeed or breast milk if she remembered the hungry or thirsty. Therefore, to prevent that he did not remember the milk, you can give it to drink or eat before he ask to suckle.

Give Love More

So that your child does not feel neglected because they are not breastfed, then you can give it more attention.

Ask for Help Other Families

If you find it difficult when trying to wean your baby, then you can ask for the help of other family members such as his father. When the baby to feed, you can ask her father to interact so that he had forgotten his desire to suckle.

Along with ways to wean the child from breastfeeding, you should delay the time to wean the child when he experienced the following circumstances:

  • If your child is sick or when she was teething. In this state the way weaning from breast milk will become more difficult.
  • The child has an allergy risk when he consumes food or drink other than breast milk.
  • We recommend giving milk to your baby until the age of at least 6 months.
  • If there is a change, like eg your family moving house or traveling in a long time. Because, this situation will make children become stressed.
  • In essence, it is important to consider when to wean the child is to stay focused on the comfort of the baby and yourself. Do not compare with others, because the process of weaning have differences and not all the same. Try to wean the child as well as possible. However, if your child still does not want to be separated from the milk even though she was already enough, to get the right way you can directly consult the experts.

So how weaning from breast milk. May be useful.

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