Known for Health Benefits Bekam

Understanding cupping (hijamah). Cupping or hijamah is an ancient treatment method which is widely known in various countries and nations. Cupping or hijamah by language means 'suck'. Ancient Egyptian people have written this cupping treatment method in which an inscription Inscription Burdi. Burdi inscription is the oldest document in the history of the bruise. The ancient Greeks also have been familiar with this method of treatment. Cupping treatment has also been widely used by Arabs in the days of ignorance. And after the advent of Islam, Muhammad Saw recognizing the benefits of this bruise and practice and encourage its use.

Known for Health Benefits Bekam

Cupping treatment actually has been widespread throughout the world. Treatment with a bruise already famous in China, India, Europe and America since several centuries ago yag. This treatment method has its own position in various journals and scientific reference to the mid-19th century AD Europe recognize the benefits of cupping through Islamic caliphate Andalusia in Spain. At that time, Muslim scientists and their writings become the main reference in medical science.

Cupping treatment is done by sucking the skin surface with a special tool and continued expenditure of blood under the skin. There are two types of cupping cupping cupping wet and dry. Wet Cupping is a bruise that suck the skin surface and do bloodletting. Dry cupping is a process of cupping just suck without injured and bled.


Some of the benefits of cupping for our health such as:

First, the blood is dirty. Ie contaminated blood and blood toxins are static. With berbekam smooth blood circulation back.

Second, improve organ function. Cupping can improve the function of the body's organs. Namely by improving the body's tissues and cells so that they can return to work and healthy.

Third, increase the body's antibodies. Cupping helps the body produce antibodies that can kill harmful germs.

The third benefit of cupping are: blood dirty, improve organ function, and increase antibody made Cupping is believed to cure various diseases such as gout, high blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol, colds, migraine, stroke, tooth pain, vertigo, sinusitis , acne, constipation, hemorrhoids, impotence, hemorrhoids, diabetes, liver, kidney, liming and others.


As a science, actual cupping treatment method is universal. But Islam strongly recommends this method of treatment. In accordance Prophet Muhammad: "The best treatment that you do is bruise". And other words of the Prophet: "Healing is found in the three cases, the drink of honey, the incision tool cupping, and kay the fire burns. But I forbid my people treated with kay ".

Prophet Muhammad himself had cupped in some parts of the body such as in the middle of the head, neck, two muscles in addition to the neck, both hips, back foot and others.


According to the day and date of implementation, known some time cupping treatment that is recommended or not recommended, namely:

Best days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; Good: On Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Not good: Wednesday

Best date: on every 17, 19, and 21 months Hijri

The time is not good for berbekam: after a heavy meal, after working very hard, during menstruation


Due to certain conditions and circumstances cupping treatment should not be performed on people such as the following:

-children Child less than 3 years old and the elderly; patients with blood disorders (haemophilia, a blood cancer); vascular abnormalities; anemia; patients who underwent dialysis because of kidney failure; diabetes mellitus with glucose levels> 200 mg / dl; hypertensive patients with blood pressure> 180/110 mmHg; patients who are taking blood thinning medications; pregnant women in the first three months; women who are menstruating.


Any treatment should not be done arbitrarily, including a bruise. Cupping should be done by experts. Here are some things that must be considered in cupping:

  1. Hearts - wary of giving bruise people with HIV and hepatitis B. These patients should have their own tools
  2. You should not do bruise after strenuous activity.
  3. The use of needles should be disposable (for one patient only) .This to avoid transmission of the disease from other patients.
  4. Doing cupping should not be more than 7 points cupping.
  5. Try to avoid exposure to water in the area that has been at the bruise for 3 hours after cupping, if possible until 6 o'clock, because if the injury continues to hit the water feels sore and dibadan be less tasty.
  6. Suggested warm bath after cupping.
  7. Doing cupping should be performed same-gender.
  8. Repetition bruise fastest 2 weeks, but preferably one month, for maintenance
  9. Both ends of rest before and after the cupping (± 30 minutes).

In some countries relatively rare cupping therapy used to cure diseases. People prefer to go to the doctor for his recovery. Cupping is often underestimated. Cupping is considered old fashioned or just alternative medicine. Though the medical world are now starting to prove the benefits of cupping.

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