Menu Foods Baby 10 Months

At the age of 10 months, your child is very active. Growth and development can be supported with giving baby food menu right 10 months, foods that contain nutrients and nutritionally balanced.

Your baby is now already at the age of 10 months. At this age he has been increasingly active in the motor. Your child will try to speak, move his hands and feet, even he will try to stand even though sometimes he fell back. Limb baby at this age will be growing dynamically. In times like these the child requires special attention from their parents. Because he did not rule out doing activities that will endanger himself.

Menu Foods Baby 10 Months

Child's motor activity is growing to be made easily and quickly tired. Therefore, the required menu baby food containing nutrients and balanced nutrition are required for supporting the development and fulfill all their needs.

Kegaiatan will increasingly be done by a child at this age, so he needs a lot of energy intake to suit the activity does. At the age of 10 months, your child is able to develop the ability to chew food. He has also been able to swallow food properly. So that his ability is more developed, you can train it to eat alone, but you should keep an eye on.

10 Month Baby Food: Nutrition Needed

10 month baby food menu you should consider. Pay attention to nutrition and nutrition in baby food with a varied and diverse types. Nutrients needed by the child will be met by solids or complementary foods and healthy best. The main and best food for babies is breast milk, but the baby will get the extra nutrients and other ingredients that support growth in complementary foods.

When giving complementary foods to the child, each parent is expected to give a varied diet so that your child does not feel bored. Almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables is good for your baby. However, when preparing baby food menu 10 months should avoid high-fiber vegetables and fruits that contain alcohol. Additional animal protein needed can be obtained from fish that are free of mercury. If you want to add poultry meat on the menu baby food, you should choose chicken meat. Because the chicken is natural and does not contain chemicals of feed.

10 month baby food menu is very diverse. Texture diet at this age is different from the food menu babies 6 months generally still dilute, which in this age of food given more textured or not too runny. You can create different menus for the man that he did not easily get bored. Here are some baby food menu 10 months.

Menu Foods Baby 10 Months

Tim Potato Broccoli

Materials needed
  • 40 grams of chicken meat that has been cleaned
  • 120 ml water
  • 25 grams of broccoli ducuci and dismembered
  • 200 grams of peeled potatoes
  • 100 grams out into small pieces
How to Make Team potatoes Broccoli
  • First, prepare the pan you will use for making baby food. Then enter the cleaned chicken meat with tofu and potatoes. Add water into it, boiled until the water boils.
  • Add the broccoli to the pan. Then cook until all the vegetables are cooked.
  • After that, let cool before it is given to small.
  • Tim potato broccoli is a menu 10 months baby food rich in nutrients. Potatoes are vegetables that are rich in carbohydrates and good for the baby's body. While the broccoli is rich in vitamin C as an antioxidant needed by the baby.

Healthy snacks

Snacks can be given to infants aged 10 months has actually been able to approach the adult meals. But even so, as a parent you should consider and selective in choosing their meals for your child including a snack, because no matter what digestion is still vulnerable. The structure of the food that will be given should be considered, to avoid giving foods that contain chemicals, excessive flavorings, colorings and so forth so that your child does not get health problems. But if you are still confused, you can try to make a healthy snack at home.

In order Fruit

Materials needed
  • 1 glass of mango juice
  • 1 packet of jelly has no sense
  • 2 glasses of water
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice mandarin
  • 1/2 tablespoons white sugar
How To Make Fruit
  • Prepare a small pan. Then mix in order to be with white sugar.
  • Next add water, lemon juice mandarin and mango juice. Boil these ingredients to the boil.
  • If boiling, you can put into a mold. So that the little more interested, you can print them with a unique and cute prints like animal characters.
  • The content contained in mango and citrus fruit beneficial to the child, which implies that provides energy as the needs of the child. Mangoes contain unsaturated fats are very good for your baby's development. In addition, the vitamin C in oranges good for improving the immune system of the child. So that your baby does not get bored, you can change the fruit according to his needs.

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