Myth Newborn Twins

Myth newborn twins be an interesting thing to observe. Want to know what are the myths spread amongst the community surrounding the birth of the twin bay? Listen below.

Myth Newborn Twins

Has two twins would be nice. The presence of two small angels with such almost like physically certainly become adorable. No wonder that many people will do a lot of things in order to realize the dream of having twins in her life.

Yes, the presence of two baby twins in the house certainly presents an exciting new atmosphere. The home state will probably adorned with baby's laughter similar and even when one cries the other will shed tears because began to fail.

Twins does provide a different atmosphere in the family and given its own color for a little happiness with a partner. You will start to love to give your baby the two twins with the same equipment and accessories. Seeing the tiny body was lying in bed with a twin would be adorable thing to be noticed.

However, you also need to understand and pay attention to many things. With more and more children in the family then you will experience greater difficulty. Especially for those of you that currently have just had a child.
The presence of twins will certainly require you to be alert and vigilant. Especially in terms of taking care of and raising them. By the time the twins you are hungry, then you should be ready to breastfeed both simultaneously.

To that end, the nutrition and nutrition in your body must be maintained and cared for properly. Lest while both are still hungry, but your milk is not sufficient for their needs. It will certainly be able to affect the growth and development of the child is stunted.

In addition, over time and the growth of small increases. Then perhaps education and living expenses for twins should be well prepared. At the same time you should be able to finance the education and lives of twins simultaneously.

For that thorough preparation both material and mental preparedness will be important. Because of course power and favorable conditions will be needed in raising two children at the same time.

It is not easy to have multiple births if you do not have a history of multiple births in the family. Without this history, then your chances of having twins can be much less. In addition, generally a lot of myths spread amongst the community surrounding the birth of twins.

Myth newborn twins is not uncommon to make some couples who want to have twins become complacent and trapped following the advice actually not axiomatic. In the end, they face is the failure to have baby twins.

Therefore, for those of you who are currently in the program have twins. It is essential that you dig deeper infromasi birth of twins, one of which is to identify the myth of newborn twins.

Myth generally is a much-discussed things and do without known the truth clearly. Therefore, if you believe in a myth then you will be less likely to be able to realize what you believe it because it is not necessarily true.

Well, what are the myths newborn twins spread amongst the community? Listen below.

Myth Newborn Twins

Identical twins is a tendency Inherited

Many say that to be able to get the birth of identical twins. Then it will be more likely if you have a family history of twins. In this way, the woman will be certain to have the birth of the twins. Both are descendants of the lineage of the wife or the husband. However true that is so?

In fact this is just a myth. Identical twins are formed from one egg which is then formed into two fetuses in it. It basically can occur spontaneously without influenced by genetic history.

The truth is the tendency of fraternal twins-who inherited genetically. Fraternal twins are twins happened because the ovaries secrete more than one egg at a time. The tendency is that the actual behavior of the ovaries can be affected by genetic factors.

Fraternal twins Happens Every 2nd Generation

Some say that the birth of twins generally predictable and calculated by calculating two generations. Which is to say, the hose every two generations after birth then that person would be their turn to give birth to twins.

However, the fact that until today no one can prove this with certainty. When the father or mother has the sisters who are twins, it is possible also to fathers and mothers may have children who are twins.

Identical Twins Have Identical DNA Structure

Many people say that babies identical twins have the same DNA structure. This is because they come from one egg and sperm of the same. However, it appears that this is just a myth. Because in fact some researchers actually found no identical twins who carry the disease gene that is not owned by its twin.

Sometimes even identical twins have birthmarks that are not owned by its twin. It is often used it to distinguish between them. Thus, it does not mean identical twins have similar DNA structure or the same.

Identical Twins Have Fingerprint Matching

This myth is often the case that many expressed no definite explanation. Not a few people who say that children are twins tend to have the same fingerprints. By reason of contact with the baby's amniotic fluid, umbilical cord and its twin babies in the womb make them will begin to develop a similar fingerprint.

But of course this is just a myth. Fingerprints on the human form because of environmental factors during pregnancy and are not necessarily formed in accordance with genetic conditions that affect it. So therefore, do not believe it when someone says that the fingerprints of twins will be formed with the same.

Pregnancy of twins does become something funny and adorable. Especially when they have grown bigger you will tend to be happy to organize and wearing the same thing to them. This is what often makes many people crave the birth of the twins. Well, in order to provide greater opportunities for those of you who want multiple births. It is important to not believe in the myth spread amongst the community.

Thus what can be delivered from the myth of newborn twins. Hopefully this article can be useful and provide the information you need.

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