Nail Care Newborns

Growth in the small nails generally run faster. That's why newborn nail care is necessary.

Newborns are still so sensitive to any stimuli. That's why parents should treat it with so careful and vigilant. Because if not, then the safety and health would be at stake. Care for newborns is necessary to be considered well in order not to make mistakes. One little, it would be fatal to your baby. Including when the baby's nails cut, this one activity needs to be done slowly and carefully.

Nail care for babies has become an important activity that should be done regularly. This is because in addition to fast growing, nails left long baby would jeopardize the safety of the baby. They may accidentally scratch the face or other body parts. Where this will probably result in injured skin and in turn may be able to bleed.

Nail Care Newborns

In addition, generally little hand on the child will tend to make it easily insert his hand gets his mouth. Could this happens then the possibility of germs and dirt stuck on the nails of the child will be entered into the mouth and infect the whole body. This is where the problem will probably arise and make your child is in danger. For this reason, it is important to clean your baby's nails every time when it is already long.

However, this activity is certainly not easy. Especially for women who have just had a baby. The lack of experience, often make many new mothers do not feel confident doing this activity. Not to mention the worry if it will hurt their children often make parents, especially mothers worried about doing these activities alone.

Well, to help you in order to cut the nails newborn is easy and safe step so no need to worry. This time we will give tips perawtaan nail in the newborn in a way that is easier and more secure. Like what to do? Let's check it out.

Nail Care Newborn

Baby nails grow so fast that it is imperative for the mother can do nail care routine. This may be the mother did twice in one week or carried out in accordance with the conditions of the small nails.

Nails newborns may be more delicate and fragile when compared with the nails in adults. But make no mistake, even though the baby is still so fragile nails but will be quite sharp and quite capable of injuring the skin is still so thin. For that, consider some tips on caring for baby nail a good and safe below.

Use Tools For Nails Care For Baby's Right

The first thing to note in terms of nail care baby is to consider first the equipment you'll use. Given the baby's body and all its organs still so sensitive, including nails. So be selective when choosing a baby nail care equipment that will be used. Strive to choose the right equipment that is intended for babies. In this way, the user will be more secure.

Use scissors or nail cutting equipment and manicure pedicure safe and specifically for babies. To be able to get the equipment is then no need to worry because the current type of equipment like this is already widely available in specialty stores for baby equipment. You can choose one of them to visit the baby supply stores. Varian and its shape is also quite diverse, you can choose the type according to your taste.

Cut Nails Baby After Bath

The next step to do is to cut the nails newborn baby after a bath. Why have time? Because today nail affected infants with water will tend to be softer so it will be easier for her to cut it.

In addition, other things that also need to be considered is the child should cut your nails when your baby is asleep or when she was nursing. Because at this time your baby will be calmer and nail cutting activities will be much easier. As for some of the steps you can take to cut the baby's nails after a bath so much easier to do with some of the following ways:

  • Bring your baby to the bathroom and bathe during bath time comes.
  • Lift your baby and wear clothes on the baby. Do not cut the nail straight on the baby should wait a while until your baby calmer.
  • When his time has arrived, the baby tidurkan slowly. Or if it is not time to sleep then breastfed baby. Well at the time was quiet you could trim the nails of your baby slowly.
  • Cut Baby Nails with Form Straight and Mean

At the time of cutting baby's nails there are quite a lot of things to note. This is because the nails are still so fragile as well as with his fingers. Not to apply the same method of cutting the nails on your child without regard to other possibilities that would endanger his safety. Including at the time of forming the pieces nail on the little guy.

Unlike adults where you usually frequent cutting nails with a curved shape. In the newborn child cut method can not be applied arbitrarily.
Instead cut the baby's nails with a straight shape and evenly. Strive to cut the baby's nails that are not too short or too long, leaving nails too. Quite reserving a little baby's nails so that the baby fingers baby still so soft and sensitive does not hurt when you do this treatment.

Prepare equipment and Drug Antiseptic Wipes

In doing nail care baby for your baby is still so baby, then wipes and antiseptic treatment will be needed. Order in case a child fingertips scratched or injured as a result of the use of nail clipper is not right. But, of course, doing this one activity with really slowly so you do not have to risk the safety of your baby.

The best time to do nails newborn care is when your baby fast asleep. Such as during the day or during the afternoon. Just make sure when mothers get enough light or illumination as cutting nails. It aims to avoid injury occurs or scratches that may occur at the fingertips baby will can cause bleeding or possible infection.

In addition to doing nails newborn care to avoid things that are not desirable. You can leave the gloves on both hands the tiny child to avoid parts of his body scratched by the nails were long.

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