Note the Baby Safe Sleep Position

Infant sleep position will support the quality of sleep. You must choose a safe sleeping position for infants.

Sleep will provide many benefits for babies, in addition to stimulating the development of the baby's brain, sleep will also help to release growth hormone. When the baby is sleeping soundly, then the baby's brain growth will run optimally so that one day the child will grow up smart and surely grow as you would expect. However, it must also be accompanied by stimulation or stimulation given in the learning process.

Note the Baby Safe Sleep Position

When observing the baby sleeps, many parents are wondering what is the best position for a baby to sleep? Each baby usually shows a different position when sleeping. Here are some infant sleep position.

Infant Sleep Position

Supine position

Supine sleeping position is a position that is very common we see. Babies who usually sleep on their backs often that a baby aged 0 to 3 months. In the age of the baby still can not roll over, so that the position is said to be a good baby sleeping position and secure. Sleep on their backs is known to reduce deaths caused by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS by up to 50%. Usually many parents choose a sleeping position like this to avoid deaths from SIDS.

Leaning Sleep Position

To the right side sleeping position is usually preferred by premature babies. Moreover, if the baby is drinking by using a hose or still use tools for breathing. It aims to make the process of emptying in the stomach becomes easier. Even when the child is able to go home, usually doctors still recommend to sleep on his side to prevent spit up more.

In applying the baby to sleep on his side, the thing you should do is keep an eye and then exchange positions. Try not to apply on one side, but alternately, either the left or right side. This is done to avoid the baby's head shape is not proportional.

Sleep Position Stomach

Sleep with this position will make the baby sleep in a long time. Some say that sleeping in this position will make the baby more soundly, more comfortable, not a lot of crying and breathing movement and motor development of babies better. In this position maybe your child will feel like being hugged by her mother and the stomach will feel warmer because it sticks to his bed.

However, sleeping with this position is still being debated. Based on statistical data, sindorm sudden death or SIDS occur in infants with prone sleeping position. This sleeping position is not recommended for infants younger than 1 year due to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

If the baby likes to sleep position, you still have to watch and limit in a limited period only. In addition, keep your baby's mouth and nose are not blocked by any objects that may make it hard when breathing.

Lull Baby Safety Tips

In addition to infant sleep position that you need to consider a few other things you need to consider in order to prevent sudden death syndrome. Here is an attempt lull baby to avoid sudden infant death syndrome.

  1. You have to make sure the baby is not too soft mattress and bed linen wear fitting. Avoid lull baby on a waterbed, sofa, chair, pillow or other soft surface.
  2. When he put the bed comfortable clothes and not excessive. For room temperature, you should adjust not too warm or too cold.
  3. Do not keep too many pillows, dolls, quilts and also avoid using coatings on the outskirts of the box.
  4. Do not let anyone smoke near or around your baby. Keep the baby room free of smoke and other fumes.
  5. Strive to feed the baby, because the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding very much. Based on scientific evidence, SIDS will be decreased by this process. According to experts breast milk or breast milk can protect babies from infections that increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.
  6. In addition to lull baby in a safe place, you also have to euthanize the baby in the same room or the same bed with your child at least until the age of 12 months. Due to lull baby close to you, you can respond to the needs of the child quickly. Not only that, the baby will also feel more comfortable when you're with her mother. Based on the research, when the baby sleeps in the same room with her mother, the risk of babies dying from sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS can be reduced by 50 percent.
  7. If your baby has a disorder or GERD, stomach acid, you can consult about the proper sleeping position for your baby.

As a wise old man you should be able to read the position favored by the sleep your baby. When sleep make your child feel comfortable so that she could sleep soundly. But you still have to watch your baby sleeping position.

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