Note Tips for Choosing Baby Skin Care Products

Choosing baby skin care products must be made with care. Because the baby's skin is very sensitive, if the wrong choice will cause irritation. Therefore, tips on choosing baby care products is good and right to be understood by every parent.

Today many baby care products in accordance with the functions and needs. In choosing baby care products are suggested for each parent to choose the best skin care products and specifically for babies. Because the baby's skin is still very sensitive.

Note Tips for Choosing Baby Skin Care Products

But when choosing care products for babies, not a few parents feel confused to choose the right care products for her baby. It is important to note that although the baby's skin structure together with the structure of the skin of adults, but its function has a different maturity level. The baby's skin, especially the skin of newborns is still very smooth and soft, and not protected by optial by the body's immune system.

Some baby skin care products needed by infants among them are, baby soap, baby shampoo, lotion, baby oil and cream to cope with a rash that occurs on the skin. Choose the product carefully and do not be vain. For convenience, the following tips on choosing baby skin care products.

Tips for Choosing Baby Skin Care Products

Non Dyes and Fragrances

Baby skin care products suggested that products that are free of dyes and perfumes. To ensure and avoid errors when choosing baby products, we recommend that you read the label located on the product packaging. Baby care products that contain dyes and fragrances feared would disturb or irritate the baby's skin, and would interfere with respiration system.

Do Select a product bearing Antibacterials

Avoid choosing baby care products labeled antibacterial or antimicrobial. These substances will indeed kill germs, but not good for the health of the baby's skin. If your baby's skin is dirty, you can clean just by using a special soap or a mild baby wet wipes do not contain alcohol.

Paraben-free and Phthalate

Paraben itself is a substance that is used as a preservative. While phthalate is a substance that diguakan for softener. The substance is not good for the health of the baby's skin and might also lead to fatal consequences.


Alcohol on baby care products will make the baby's skin becomes dry, it will even make the skin becomes irritated. Usually on alcohol packaging is often written with ethyl alcohol or ethanol. You need to know, the type of alcohol can easily irritate your baby's skin. Therefore, you should avoid buying baby skin care products that contain alcohol.

Select the Natural Baby Care Products

We did a lot of baby care products that contain chemicals, almost all baby skin care contain chemicals. The chemicals found in baby skin care products is not good for the health of the baby as it will make the baby's skin becomes irritated. Therefore, you should choose baby care products are naturally based. However, if your family has a history of allergy or asthma, your baby may be sensitive tehadap products made from plant material.

understand pH

In the packaging of baby care products are sometimes written pH. Where the pH determines the acid or alkaline levels in the product. Typically, newborns pH change of pH7 or neutral pH becomes PH5 or slightly acid. Therefore, it is recommended every parent to choose care products with a pH closer to the baby's skin. If your baby's skin does not dry and healthy situation, choose a product with a neutral pH will not be a problem.

Select Materials Surfactants Safe

Generally good soap or baby shampoo contain surfactants as cleaning agents. When you choose a shampoo for your baby, it is advisable to choose a shampoo with surfactant materials that are safe for your baby's eyes like Cocamidopropyl betaine or sodium lauryl propinat.

choosing Suncreen

To protect your baby from the sun, you can put it suncreen. Suncreen safe to use on babies over the age of 6 months. However, the thing you need to remember that suncreen used is physical suncreen with an SPF of 30 or more, containing zinc oxide or titanium oxide and has a broad spectrum and waterproof labels.

In addition to the above tips when choosing baby care products are advised to always mengcek the expiration date of the product and the durability of the product after it opened. Should also note will be how to use and written warnings on the packaging.

Before using certain skin care products, it would not hurt if you do a test first. Wait until the day in order to ascertain whether the product causes an allergic reaction, or vice versa.

Those are some tips on choosing baby skin care products. Choose skin care products are best for you and your baby safe for health and does not cause health problems. May be useful.

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