Overcoming crust Head New Born Baby

Overcoming crust newborn baby's head is important. This is because the newborn is often still have a crust on the head and on the forehead. If allowed this could lead to a certain amount of discomfort and interfere with hair growth of the child.

Overcoming crust Head New Born Baby

Yes, the birth of a baby indeed be fun as well as a good news. For the first time, on hold after 9 months in the womb can now make mothers cradling a baby in his arms.

Happy mother's face feel will certainly be experienced by all family members. Especially your mother and mother-in-law, the presence of the grandson who had anticipated would be a fun gift and touching. No wonder, when they will be eager begtiu up to you to hold the beloved grandson who has been waiting.

The birth of a healthy baby and moreover will bring happiness perfectly intact and perfect on every delivery. You certainly do not aspires baby when you have all this time later born with health problems are worrisome. For this reason, it is important to seek every way in order to support the growth and development of the child so as not hampered. However, sometimes the problem is not a problem imperfections arise from the baby's organs, but rather the baby's care process itself.

Yes, after the baby is born into the world you need good care and correct. This is because the remnants of the birth or development in the mother's womb will probably make your child not clean when born into the world.

Often residual amniotic fluid is attached to the baby's body to cause problems for her health and hygiene. In addition, a hormone derived from the mother during pregnancy will probably cause problems in the child after birth if the child is not promptly cleaned up. Well, one of the problems that often arise in newborns is the crust on the baby's head.

Overcoming crust Head New Born Baby

Newborn's head crust usually they are part of his forehead. The crust of the head or cradle cap is indeed peel off by itself, into thin flakes like dandruff when it dries.

However, there are some other baby continues to grow cradle cap on his head even though he was already stepping few months. This is certainly a concern for some parents. Some of them are worried that this condition will continue until the adult child. Surely crust of the baby's head is brought up to the baby growing up will make it insecure and may interfere with it.

Well, before knowing how to cope with a newborn baby's head crust. We should recognize what causes this condition may occur in the small. So what exactly causes the crust of the head of the newborn? Listen below.

Cause crust Head On Newborn

Cradle cap or crust head of the newborn, among others influenced by the mother's hormones which lead to excessive oil production in the skin tissue into the baby. In medical terms this condition is often referred to as seborrheic dermatitis. As a result, scalp child will probably contained a yellowish white layer flaking like dandruff.

For mothers or mothers who have baby who suffer from this problem, no need to fear or worry because in general these conditions is not a big problem or can be transmitted. Along with the increasing age of the baby this problem will be able to disappear by itself.

Kepla crust condition in newborns will be able to take place until 8 month old baby, the rest of the crust will thin and peeling when it is dry. You just need to exercise care in order to eliminate this condition more quickly on the baby. Like what is the way to overcome the crust newborn baby's head? Listen below.

Tips to Overcome crust Head On Newborn

Actually it easy to clean or treat a newborn baby's head crust. You need to use baby oil applied to the surface of the baby's scalp or the affected part with cradle cap. Only, of course, this one activity needs to be done diligently.

Although not categorized as a serious problem, but the condition is certainly not be taken lightly especially unpunished. For this condition to be able to cause itching in the small. Also if not treated it will be able to interfere with hair growth fruit of your day and affect the appearance.

Now, to overcome crust newborn baby's head, you can follow some of the following:

  1. First you can do so by setting up a regular baby you put the oil on the baby.
  2. Prepare also siri bristle brush with a soft, safe baby shampoo and a washcloth. To make sure the product you use is safe for the baby then choose special products for babies.
  3. When all was ready, then apply baby oil on the skin of the baby's head is hardened while gently massage it soft and tender.
  4. Afterwards, leave for the night or approximately 12 hours so that the crust heads can be softened and easier to clean.
  5. Then you can clean when your baby falling asleep. Because of the way you can do so calmly and carefully.
  6. When finished, comb the hair smooth baby to lift head crust that has been peeled off.
  7. Only later clean the hair and scalp your baby using baby shampoo and warm water. Wash thoroughly with a massage gently and rinse with clean water.
  8. Tips Combing Hair:

At the moment there combing the hair of the baby to remove the crust that has been chipped. Then you should do it slowly so that the little one was asleep or not waking may be disrupted because of the pain they experienced as a result you comb it too strong.

In addition, you should avoid appealing crust on baby's head was forcibly because it will be able to cause injury to the skin of the baby. In addition, the crust forcibly pull the baby's head has not chipped will probably lead to infection and can harm the baby's health. For it should then be patient because it will flake crust slowly by itself when you are diligent in providing the baby oil to her.

Similarly, some things you can do to cope with a newborn baby's head crust. Hopefully these tips can be useful and can do at home with ease. It's just, keep the safety of the baby while you use baby oil products. To be safe you should use a product that is devoted to the baby. If you do not have baby oil for some reason, the natural coconut oil that you can apply. May be useful.

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