Overcoming Diarrhea Neonatal

Overcoming diarrhea in newborns is essential. This is because the baby diarrhea tend to be in a situation that is more at risk of complications compared with adults who are experiencing diarrhea. In this condition, loose stools or diarrhea that attacked the baby will probably make the newborns become dehydrated quickly, even within 2 hours after the diarrhea starts. These conditions will be very dangerous, especially in newborns. It is important to be addressed.

Overcoming Diarrhea Neonatal

Imutinas system conditions that have not been fully formed newborn making the body vulnerable to disease. Various problems and health problems will probably be experienced by newborns. That is why in this case parents need to be alert to treat and manage their health.

Unlike the adult who is able to withstand treatment when there are obstacles. Health problems that occur in newborns can not be compromised. Late or incorrect handling occurs will have a big impact even to threaten his safety. Including diarrhea or diarrhea with problems that occur.

Newborns, especially who are breastfed is issued feces or stool with a watery texture. It will look different when compared with infants who consume formula. This condition terkadag makes mothers confused in determining whether the fecal issued by your baby's normal or not.

Generally, normal stool in infants who are breastfed will be yellowish, soft textured and too liquid. Although it does not happen too often, newborn babies are still breastfed would probably defecate up to 5 times in one day. Meanwhile, there are times when the stomach is full, breastfeeding stimulates the digestive tract shingga baby will defecate after breast-fed by his mother.

When the baby began to enter the age of 1 month of age, the child will be able to defecate as much as one to two times per day. Meanwhile, for those who are fed formula premises they only defecate once a day to review the smell and texture that is harder.

Before getting to know the pattern of bowel movements in infants, mothers may have difficulty in distinguishing whether your baby has diarrhea or simply defecate fees or soft stool only. Suspect your baby has diarrhea when there is a change in bowel frequency that occurs suddenly and become more frequent than usual. In addition, notice the texture of the small stool. In patients with diarrhea, stool texture is usually much more malleable and fluid than usual conditions.

By knowing the early symptoms of diarrhea in the child the faster handling would be able to do. In this way, the worst of these problems would have been avoided.

Identify Cause Diarrhea In Newborns

Diarrhea become the number one cause malnutrition that occurs in infants in most developing countries. This condition generally occurs due to polluted water and contaminated food is consumed by the baby. The main reason is their baby has diarrhea rotavirus disease as a trigger of the disease gastroenteritis. Infection that causes disturbances in the organs in the gut in infants so that the nutrients in the food are not absorbed into timbulah uneven and excessive discharge.

In addition, other causes that may lead to diarrhea or diarrhea in infants is a condition of the baby's body that is infected with virue, parasites and bacteria. Generally these types of microorganisms present in the objects that are dirty or the floor when the baby play. The microorganisms that attach to the body and the baby's hands and then get into his body through his mouth. Infants diarrhea can also occur because of any allergies, formula milk which is not processed correctly, the consumption of antibiotics and also because of the deficiency of the enzyme.

Impact of Diarrhea in Infants

Infant diarrhea would be the loss of fluid and electrolytes in the body. This is what will lead the baby on the condition of dehydration. The signs of dehydration which can be identified in infants is the baby's body looked limp, sunken eyes and looked thirsty. In this condition when you are breastfeeding your baby will voraciously eating it, but he will be cranky and restless.

Meanwhile, in the more severe conditions of dehydration in infants would probably make them experience drowsiness due to decreased consciousness. Hands and feet on the baby will turn out to be cold and his breath would probably be faster. If this condition is not immediately addressed quickly it will lead to brain damage and even death.

Overcoming Diarrhea Neonatal and Impact of Dehydration

It's important for the parents always recognize the symptoms that indicate major diarrhea in newborns. One way to overcome diarrhea in newborns is to alert handling after you see the signs. If the baby continues to issue car feces or stool blood ata accompanied by mucus. Fever and vomiting then you should lakuka soon some of the following.

To prevent dehydration, make sure when the baby getting enough fluid intake.
Also avoid giving her drinks with sugar content. This is because the sugar that is not absorbed by the body will lead to more M any kedlam intestinal fluid. This condition is actually worsen.
Strive for newborns who experience diarrhea to get enough rest. Lay your baby and away from the crowds.
Make sure if the mother continues to give her breast milk so that fluid in his body remained unfulfilled.
Conditions diarrhea in newborns indeed be enough to make a mother worry. For that know how to cope with diarrhea in newborn infants would be an appropriate solution to this problem. Most important in this case is the mother vigilance in observing and detecting symptoms of diarrhea in infants. Because if this condition is met then too late to be fatal. In addition to doing some things on the safest way to overcome diarrhea in newborns is to consult a doctor.

Newborns can not be given any drugs or handled in a way that is not appropriate. Through a doctor, then the best treatment would be given. For before giving the actions of doctors will first consider the condition of the baby and all the other factors.

Those are some things that can be delivered from the tackle diarrhea in newborns. Hopefully the above methods can be useful and provide the information you need. See you back to the discussion of the other.

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