Pneumonia in Infants, Recognize Symptoms & Prevention

Pneumonia in Infants - Generally pneumonia is almost the same as the common cold, so that this situation is often overlooked by parents. In fact, this disease is a serious disease that will be life-threatening.

Pneumonia is itself an acute inflammation that occurs in the lung tissue or alveoli are caused by bacterial infection that would interfere with breathing. In addition to germs or bacteria, other causes of pneumonia itself is the virus and fungi.

Pneumonia in Infants, Recognize Symptoms & Prevention

The symptoms caused by pneumonia is generally similar to cold symptoms, and no effect was dramatically visible. So with that, mostly older people often ignore it and assume only mild disease alone. However, this disease is a dangerous disease that will cause the sufferer's death, especially in children whose lungs can not function properly to get oxygen to the body. And this is the state that is generally poorly understood by parents.

Pneumonia is the biggest single cause of death in children, the largest in the world. Until now, pneumonia kills up to two million children under five. If the combined rate is higher than deaths caused by malaria, AIDS and measles.

The cause of pneumonia, which include bacteria, viruses and fungi through several routes to reach the lungs. Germs may get into the lungs through the dirty air is inhaled through the nose, throat and through the lungs and cause lung infections. Both of which are spread through the blood.

Newborns are most vulnerable to contracting this disease from the mother, through the birth process as a path. But in addition to babies, children who have low immunity are also susceptible to this disease. Toddlers who are not exclusively breastfed causing it to iron deficiency. And people with AIDS or measles are at risk of developing the disease is higher. In addition, other vulnerable groups affected by this disease are children who live in the crowded, dirty and slovenly.

Pneumonia Symptoms in Infants

Symptoms are caused due to pneumonia in children varies depending on the cause and age. Here are the symptoms of pneumonia:

  • Symptoms of pneumonia usually begins with cold symptoms such as fever accompanied by cold and cough, loss of appetite and headaches.
  • After that the progression of the disease, the symptoms caused such important symptoms such as shortness of breath and rapid breathing.
  • If the age of your baby is less than 2 months, it will be faster breathing 60 times per minute. Meanwhile, if the child between the ages of 2 months to 12 months, then the breathing will be faster than 50 minutes once every minute. For children aged 1-5 years of breathing 40 times faster in every minute.
  • Child experiencing shortness of breath. Where to category blown itself is characterized by shortness of breath, as well as flower nose flared.
  • If the disease is severe pneumonia, the visible symptoms usually the pull on the chest wall into the bottom, decreased awareness and body temperature, and seizures.
  • You can perform calculations breath your child, to determine whether or not a quick breath. If it is true breath quickly, you can immediately bring your child to the doctor so he is getting further treatment.
  • treatment of Pneumonia

Not all children have to be hospitalized. If the pneumonia that happened is still relatively mild, treatment can be done at home. Enough with the provision of prescription drugs to the proper dosage and administration of medications regularly, in a few weeks he made a full recovery. Even then depending on the immunity of children.

If no treatment is optimal, then the effect is going to be damage to his lungs organ. If the symptoms shown by the child gets worse, the parents should bring the child back to the hospital

If the pneumonia disease suffered by children under the age of 2 years, then he should be referred to the hospital, otherwise the consequences will be fatal. Where the disease will develop into a severe illness.

Tips to Prevent Pneumonia in Infants

Babies who have a weak immune system, lack of immunization, lack healthy environment, have a higher risk of developing this disease. Therefore, to prevent pneumonia in children should be improved overall. One of which is to boost your baby's immune system. You can meet the nutritional needs and nutrients a baby or toddler, especially zinc or zinc and vitamin A. Try to give milk or breast milk for 6 months. Perform complete immunization of children. Always keep a place to stay from cigarette smoke, air pollution, vehicles, burning smoke and so forth.

As a parent you should always be alert to any symptoms experienced by your child. Although it may be a symptom of the symptoms experienced mild illness, but you have to keep bringing it to the doctor to confirm his condition.

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