Premature Newborn Baby Care

Babies who are born prematurely or for less than nine months of special care is needed, especially if the weight at birth of less than 1.4 kg. Care of premature babies may need more extras than caring for babies born on time with a normal body weight.

Preterm birth is usually caused because the mother has an infection, preeclampsia, premature rupture of membranes and others. Care of premature babies should really be considered such as for example, premature babies need treatment in hospital before she was allowed in the care home. Premature babies usually get out of the hospital and be treated at home after she could accept the intake of milk or milk formulas without the help of special tools, the body temperature remains stable despite the regular air, and weight also tend to be stable.

Premature Newborn Baby Care

The nutritional requirements is one of the things that must be considered in preterm infants. Usually the premature baby needs more nutrients compared to other normal baby so that he can stay healthy and grow normally. Babies born prematurely are not able to grow rapidly during the second year of his birth than babies born with normal weight.

As a parent you need to know some of the medical problems that can be experienced by your baby as follows:

  • Babies born prematurely are usually very susceptible to infection, especially if it is caused by a virus.
  • Respiratory problems often experienced by premature babies, so the babies born prematurely need oxygen.
  • In addition, babies born prematurely may also experience breathing pauses during sleep. If this situation makes the pace of the baby's heartbeat to be disrupted or the baby is blue, then most likely the baby had to be hospitalized to get better handling.
  • Care of premature babies can you do to help your baby grow and develop healthily. So how to care for premature babies? Here are some steps that can be applied.

Premature Babies Kangaroo Care Method

You can do kangaroo care in the care of premature babies. You can carry your baby to put it in your shirt. If not, you can use a special sling so your baby's skin in direct contact with your baby's skin. Some of the benefits that would be obtained if you do kangaroo care are as follows:

  • Assist in regulating breathing and baby's heartbeat
  • In order for the baby's body remains in good health.
  • Babies cry remain calm so that the frequency is reduced.
  • Chance of breastfeeding to be better because of this kangaroo care can make your milk production to be increased.
  • Babies can sleep more soundly.
  • This kangaroo care can be done after your baby is born. However, some hospitals typically delay treatment until the baby's condition is stable and normal.

Keep the baby of the Sick

You must be an extra in maintaining the health of your baby is born prematurely. As much as possible to protect your baby is infected with any virus. Keep your baby from a family member or sick people who were in the vicinity. You also need to keep your baby from enclosed public areas of at least the first two years. Cigarette smoke, exposure to smoke in motor vehicles and waste burning should be avoided from your baby because his lungs are not perfect.

Note Sleep Position

You must ensure that your baby to sleep on their backs. This is done to avoid and reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, in which the syndrome usually occurs in premature infants compared with babies born on time.
During the first six months after the date of childbirth should, perhaps you will more often awake when night. This is because babies born prematurely more often than babies sleep more, but of short duration.

Immunization and Vaccines

Peru immunization and vaccines made to protect your baby from disease. Infant immunization schedules premature babies born with normal basically the same. However, the difference is the hepatitis B vaccine

When it reaches the age of 6 months, your doctor may recommend to be given the flu vaccine your baby. No less important, in addition to your baby usually a family member was encouraged to get a flu shot this with the aim of preventing the transmission of influenza in infants at home. As a precautionary measure right, you should consult your physician first.

Baby Feeding Schedule

Babies born prematurely should initially be fed as much as 8-10 times a day. Giving respite from a feed to the next feeding time should be no more than 4 hours, this is done so that your baby is not experiencing dehydration. If your baby is getting enough milk intake, then he will urinate 6-8 times a day.
Maybe your baby will often have spit up after feedings. However, to deal with this situation you should not worry too much. Because the state is fairly normal during the weight is not reduced. If your baby's weight has decreased, then immediately take him to the doctor.

Usually most doctors will recommend to parents of premature babies to give solid food since he was 4 to 6 months from the time of birth should be. It is advisable not to push to give solid food, because babies born prematurely takes time and the process he could swallow food.

Controlling Routine Circumstances Baby

It is advisable to consult or control the state of your baby at least once a week, or when something happens to him like a fever, frequent vomiting and others. When the consultation the doctor will usually control whether infants gain weight, get a drink, or vice versa. Of increasing the weight of premature babies is a measure of the success of caring for her at home.

Room temperature

You must pay attention to the room temperature of your baby's room. The room temperature is suggested that is not too hot or not too cold, so that the baby's body temperature will remain stable. Conditions baby's temperature is very important in the care of premature babies.

Prepare Aid

If possible, prepare tools that can check the health condition of premature babies, one of which is the thermometer. Keep the tool in the tool accessible place, so that if necessary can be taken immediately.

Besides having to pay attention to infant care, you also have to pay attention to your own care. Do not until you get sick, because if such care your baby will be blocked and most likely your baby will be infected. In addition, please do not hesitate to ask for and receive support from the people around you. It could still give the best care for your baby because it is a gift and gifts are invaluable.

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