Recognize Dirt Healthy Neonatal

Recognize Dirt Healthy Neonatal - Dirt in the newborn would be one way to read the health condition. To that end, it is important to recognize feces of healthy newborns.
As a good parent, of course, the health of the baby will be the main thing for you. Especially for all parents who have a newborn baby at home. As we know a newborn would be highly vulnerable to health problems. This is because the immune system of the newborn is not yet fully formed.

Recognize Dirt Healthy Neonatal

For this reason, the duty of every parent to ensure the health of the baby can be properly maintained. Because when your baby is sick, the whole family will be made concerned with this condition. You also her mother, will keep panic when your baby often cries at night due to hold his pain. For this reason, it is important to avoid and prevent the disease before attacking the child.

It's a little constrained to determine the condition of the child's body, especially in newborns. Considering he is still so small making them unable to communicate through words. Then the mother may be a little difficult to know the condition of the child's body.

However, not to worry because the parents are intelligent always know how to take care of her baby. Although it is difficult to know the condition of the body of the baby. But actually there are quite a lot of ways that mothers can do to know the health condition of your new baby was born.

Besides dealing with the food, the baby was apparently feces can be an indicator of health. Sometimes a mother will be so panicked when he saw the pup or baby feces terkstur or color change. It is not uncommon to make you hurry to go to the doctor and check the health of the baby.

When in fact, the condition is a natural and normal thing to happen. In this way it is possible if every time your child become discolored feces you do not need to rush him to the doctor. With dirt healthy recognize the newborn, the mother will be the key to determine the condition of the health of the baby. Needless to merely bring the child to the doctor every little problem occurs. Could be it was part of a series of growth process.

Recognize Dirt Healthy Neonatal

Dirt on the condition of the baby usually can explain the health condition at the time. So it's important for parents to recognize feces of healthy newborns. Normally, babies defecate or pup as much as 4 times can one day during the first week after birth. In recent weeks anyway, her pup schedule is still not settled. Your baby could pup while it is feeding or whenever after seelsai feed. But not to worry because with the passing age of the baby, your baby will find pupnya regular schedule.

After the age of a few weeks, babies breastfed by her mother pup as much as one in a few days or a week. This condition is basically not a problem to worry about. During easy for little put out feces and texture of soft feces. Then this condition is categorized as a natural thing.

So how to know the color of dirt on baby healthy and unhealthy? Well, for that you must identify feces of healthy newborns below.

Tips to Recognize Dirt Healthy Colors On Newborn

Color Dirt Healthy

Infants who do not experience health problems in the body, generally apparent from the feces. Parents need not worry if your baby remove impurities by color:

Stools greenish-black

The first few days after birth to the world your baby will probably issue a stool or feces called meconium, the feces of the newborn. Meconium consists of amniotic fluid, mucus and all things that are ingested by the baby in the womb. In this dirt, the texture tends to be sticky and greenish-black. Well, if your baby experiences pup with this color so no need to worry. Because this condition is basically a natural and normal thing.

Impurities are green Brownish

The next color that may occur on your baby is a brownish-green stool. This condition is a natural thing because at this time, the baby is only breastfed. So that the waste will turn into a brownish green color. However, as time went on the 2nd day until the 4th, should color the dirt that previously would blackish green brownish green. However, if the color of feces child is still the black even after several days, it should be conditioning your problem with the doctor.

Stools Color Yellow Light

If you are breast-feeding your baby, then the color of the waste will gradually change after about 3 to 5 days. This happens because the first milk of the mother consumption function similar laxative will help a child's body cleanse meconium from his digestive tract.

Color impurities before a brownish green will change to yellow. In addition, in this dirt now there are different textures and smells.

Color Dirt Before Caution

In addition to identify the color of feces of healthy newborns. There is also some color dangerous to look out by parents because these colors can indicate danger.

Red Colored Stools

Babies who pooped by issuing red dirt needs to be watched with care. This is because the red color that arises in feces could be the fresh blood that comes out of the rectum or bowel magnitude. Immediately consult this issue with your doctor.

Black Colored Stools

Conditions black dirt and occurs many times when the little pup could be a hazard. This shows the presence of blood is digested in the gastrointestinal tract. Though birth had passed a few days. For that, immediately take your baby to the doctor to find a serious condition that occurs with the child.

Colored dirt Very Pale Or White

Conditions feces or dirt that occurs in your baby could be a sign of danger. In this condition could indicate the existence infksi or problems with bile child. This condition is commonly commonly called jaundice (jaundice). Jaundice is common in newborns. In addition to causing skin color changed to yellow. Even this disease condition can affect stool paler.

That he's a few things that can be delivered from the familiar color of feces of healthy newborns. It's important to immediately bring your baby to the doctor if the faeces is the color of the stool is dangerous for the handling more precise can be immediately obtained....

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