Rules When Visiting Newborn

Rules When Visiting Newborn is important to note in order to maintain the health and safety of the baby.

Heard from friends or relatives who had recently given birth would be very encouraging. Imagine, a lot of time spent with them often makes the fraternity becomes tighter. For this reason, the start of the news of her pregnancy until childbirth news would be a great happiness for us all. Upon hearing this news you are then took the initiative to visit the baby's birth.

Rules When Visiting Newborn

Even if you do not have children, but it never hurts to get involved in the joy of this moment.
Yes, visiting relatives who give birth has become a common tradition. In addition to participating menyemarakan perceived happiness. Not infrequently, this makes us curious to see what the little face of the newborn. For this reason, we often rush to go visit without notice a few things that are important. You will be excited to invite old friends to visit your best friend and her baby.

Happiness gave birth to baby is not only felt by married couples only. However, friends, relatives will also be swept up in it. Unfortunately, at the time of this tradition, often happiness membaut many missed some things. Though some of these are important factors that will affect the health of the baby.

Newborns are still in the stage lingkuangan adapt itself to the new one. In addition, the small frame makes their immune systems are not yet firmly established. Unlike adults who may be immune from some of the things that are considered small. Children newborn baby will be very vulnerable to everything.

For this reason, it is not allowed to visit the newborn. However, some rules and manners need to be considered. Spouse or parent of a newborn baby may be reluctant to apply some rules. However, there were also others who clearly do this limitation. The premise of maintaining the feelings of others. They may be freely frees you to do some things during her tiny baby visit.

But of course, awareness must begin to be nurtured within us. In order to maintain the safety and health of the newborn, the current rules to visit a newborn needs to be applied. Any Yag rules to consider when to visit the newborn? Let's check it out.

Rules When Visiting Newborn

Do not smoke

The current rules visit newborns first important note is smoking. One activity is not only bad for the newborn. But also all the people that all subjects. Not only would seem disrespectful. This will probably affect the health of others who also are around you.

Additionally, when you turn off the cigarette before the visit newborns also be problematic. So it should be when you will menjengkuk newborns delay beforehand the desire to smoke until you finish visit. This is because the residue on cigarettes will be attached to the clothes. So this would be very dangerous because babies do not have a strong immune system.

Avoid Carrying Baby

One of the most adorable and awaited the time to visit the newborn was holding her. However, from now on you should avoid doing this activity. Especially when the newborn looks were still asleep. Besides going to disturb the baby, of course, not all parents are happy the baby picked up.

For this reason, if it is not offered to hold the habit should avoid doing this. It is not recommended to kiss the baby. The reason is for the health of the baby. Discussing the back of the immune system, the newborn will be vulnerable to disease. Especially bacteria or germs carried by adults.

touching Baby

Almost certainly the guests who visited the newborn desire to hold the child's body. For instance in this case is part of the cheek newborn baby looks adorable. However, once again the reasons of hygiene habits then see this one. Do not get dirty hands used to touch the baby's body parts. Dirt and germs that may be present in your hand will probably be about the baby's body.

It will be more severe experienced by the child. Moreover, their immune system is not yet well established. The entry of germs and bacteria will probably make the disease easier to attack.
Therefore, if you want to cuddle or hold your baby. There is nothing wrong permissions to the toilet and wash their hands first. Thus, the baby's parents will be more happy to see it.

Do not Wear Perfume Overrated

Usually when they want to travel is we would tend to use fragrances in the body. This of course meant that other people happy smell of our bodies. However, this does not apply when you want to visit the newborn. The sense of smell in newborns is not so strong. However, doctors do not recommend to not wear perfume to smell excessive at the time to be near the baby. Because this will be able to trigger allergies in infants.

For that reason, avoid using excessive fragrances that will not affect either the child. In addition, the fragrance of the perfume clothes that are too menyengatpun would be a problem for newborns. So should, resolve this problem by asking wearing a safe which is usually provided by the hospital.

Note Selection Gift

At the time of visit newborns most people will bring gifts to be given to the baby. It is generally become a tradition in most people. However, you should note the selection of gifts. At the time of visit newborns should give gifts for new mothers only. Giving gifts shaped baby toys for newborns are usually not so helpful.

Do not Visit Baby If You Sick

Generally activity is often done with infants to visit bertemankan others. Be it, a friend of your own or with other friends who want to visit the newborn. This is what often makes you endure if it does not go together. As a result, some people will push yourself to go even if they're sick.

But back to the immune system of newborns is not yet strong. It will be able to make that you experienced contracting diseases in infants. So therefore, please visit the newborn when your body is primed.

Thus some of the current rules to visit the newborn. Regulations and applied as to visit the newborn will be able to maintain the health and safety of the baby better. With this happiness have a newborn baby will also be felt in all its totality without making a baby is in the threat of disease.

Hopefully this article helpful and were able to raise awareness for all of us when to visit the newborn.

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