Skin Problems in Infants and How to Overcome It

Babies have sensitive skin that is still so prone to skin problems. Learn about skin problems in babies and find the right solution.

Problems or skin diseases can affect anyone, be it man or woman, adult, children or even infants. Anatomy baby's skin is different from adult skin anatomy, therefore infants are highly susceptible to skin problems.

Skin Problems in Infants and How to Overcome It

The skin itself is the outermost organ of the body that acts as a bulwark of anything that would threaten the health of the body, ranging from bacteria, sunlight and so forth.

Generally, the first year of a baby's birth will be vulnerable to health problems for the baby's skin at this age are still very sensitive and not fully formed. It takes one year to the skin of the epidermis to grow and function effectively.

The baby's skin has a thin structure, the bonds between the cell is still weak. In addition, the pigment from the skin of the baby is also less and unable to regulate temperature as children of older or adults.

Here are some skin problems in babies and solutions.

Skin Problems In Infants


Eczema is a skin problem in infants that can be experienced by infants aged 2 to 6 months. Babies who have eczema will usually show symptoms like the appearance of redness on the hands, feet, face or entire body of the baby. But the most common characteristic is the redness that appears on the elbows, knees, neck, eyelids and ankles baby. Generally, the baby's skin problem is caused due to genetic factors. This disease is different from the rash, which appears as a reddish itchy eczema symptoms intolerable.

As a way to solve it, you are advised to bring the child to a dermatologist. Note also that your child does not scratch the body redness. In order for the baby to feel comfortable, then you can wear them clothes made of cotton.

rash Miliria

Because of skin problems in babies this one, the baby's skin will be pink in the bottom of the sleeve groin, armpit or neck folds. Miliria rash or heat rash is an eruption that appeared caused by circumstances too humid or hot weather.

To overcome the problem of the baby's skin this one, you can put your baby clothes made from cotton or material capable of absorbing perspiration. But avoid putting on baby thick clothes because it will only make him feel uncomfortable and increasingly stifling.

It is advisable to always keep the temperature in the room stays in a cool state. In order for your baby to feel comfortable, you can smear the powder. However, if the redness on your baby does not go away, then you should immediately take the child to the doctor so he gained further handling and best.

Diaper rash

Diaper rash or rash caused by nappies / diapers are skin problems in babies often expressed by almost all mothers. Diaper rash is caused by the use of diapers that are too long, causing redness in the area of ​​the body covered by the diaper precisely on the bottom or back of the baby.

To overcome the problem of the baby's skin this one is quite simple, you just diapering your baby more often. Avoid letting your baby buttocks too long in wet conditions. The reason this situation is the trigger diaper rash in infants. To reduce the rash that occurs in infants, you can anoint cream recommended by doctors. Avoid wearing cream arbitrary because it will only aggravate the situation of the diaper rash.


Acne that appears on the baby is not the same with the acne that appears in adults. Acne is found in infants, especially newborns is a common situation because it is still lagging in hormones during pregnancy. The baby's skin will not be smooth until the age of 6 months, therefore, not to worry.

To clear up skin problems in babies this one, you can wash it with soap special baby 1 a day. Do this treatment gently without scratching the face of the child.

head scaly

Generally newborns will experience scaly scalp. Skin problems in babies that one is caused due to an excess of the oil glands. Scaly scalp will make the baby's scalp flaky.

How to reduce the scales on a baby's scalp by performing perawata. Care you can do that is by giving a gentle massage on your baby's head by using baby oil. To do that, apply baby oil on your baby's scalp. Then, let stand for approximately 5 minutes. To remove layers of scaly skin that you can take advantage of a special comb baby soft. After that, you can clean the baby's head to wash it and use a baby shampoo. If there is a head peeling scales but not yet released, should avoid pull it out.


When appears redness accompanied by itching on the skin of the baby, it can be caused by allergies to foods, animal dander, insects, climate change and so forth. Leather with allergies will typically change color to reddish suddenly.

To overcome the problem of the baby's skin this one you have to know the cause. If you already know the cause, then you can prevent your child from allergens or allergen itself.

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