The Signs Of Addiction Smarthphone

In the era of gadgets today, a lot of things we can do with the help of a smartphone. As is known, some smartphone apps obviously very helpful and facilitate the work and daily activities. In addition to the application, smart phone users can also play a variety of games that amaze. No wonder many people suddenly put greater attention on her smart phone screen rather than environmental or family. That is called by smartphone addiction!


Smartphone addiction can happen to anyone. As an illustration, I've watched a pre-morning talk show on national TV, where there are three sources who were sitting close together in a single stage. Because the show has not started yet, the three of them to fill the time with a cool look at the screen of his smartphone alone. They know each other, but no one looks like to start a conversation or chat.

Viewers at home do not know what they each did with his smartphone that. However, witnessing the resource persons who like cool itself and "isolated" with people they know next to him, impressed that it was a strange sight. People who know each other should not you say hello or chat etc. Is that a sign of them being addicted to smartphones? Only those who know the answer.


Well, if you are often doing things like this, maybe it's a sign that you are addicted to smartphones.

  1. Feeling as though the smartphone vibrates / sounds, but it is not. If you ever feel your smart phone as if to shake, then reached into a pants pocket rushed to pick it up, or felt like a cell phone ringing when in fact not, then this is the simplest sign of a smartphone addict.
  2. Sleep brings smartphone. It is not enough to bring the smart phone all day, when sleep is still to want to carry a smartphone. Usually the smartphone was placed right next to the bed.
  3. Using a smartphone in the bathroom. According to a study, 9 percent of respondents who use smart phones during sex (what he liked to try?) And 12 percent of respondents who use their smartphone in the bathroom. 
  4. Noisier if there are no smart phones. Maybe because behind or forget to put where, which obviously would be noisier smartphone addict himself if his beloved cell phone is missing or not visible. Nomophobia term refers to people who are afraid of losing access to technology and information.
  5. Begin to interfere with work. At work you should keep or shun smartphone, because it may jeopardize your job. Unless you really work in the mobile phone companies like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, etc. If not then that's probably one of the characteristics of addiction smartphone.
  6. Asik with a smartphone, the couple ignored. Couples nearly severed usually so, cool himself with his smartphone while beside her boyfriend ignored. But if there is no wind no rain you busy with smartphones and girlfriend ignored, then yes it is addicted to the smart phone!
  7. Dicuekin child. That this was going too far and not be imitated.
  8. Back and forth checking smartphone. How many times a day you open a smart phone? Maybe to see your email inbox, or want to know if there is an attractive facebook status update, or whether you've increased the number of followers on Twitter? Etc. If you feel doing something like that in a time interval is not too long then it may be exposed to a smart phone addiction!

That's eight characteristics or signs of people who are addicted to smartphones. If there are incomplete please add.

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