Tip Introduce Finger Food In Infants

Interest introduction of finger food is to train the baby's ability to feed itself. Therefore, it is important for every parent to know tips introduce finger food at a good baby.
At age 9 months, most babies have been able to develop fine motor skills. Small movements he has been able to show in an attempt to pick up small pieces of food.
Tip Introduce Finger Food In Infants

One way to support the child's eating skills by providing finger food. Finger food itself is a food that can be held by a baby as a way to train the ability to feed themselves. At the initial stage, your baby will find it difficult to spend a portion of their food. However, you still need to understand because the situation as a learning process self regulation.
When giving finger food to infants, foods that fit the type of food that size is not too big or has the same size as your baby's fingers. This was done to facilitate your baby when eating these foods without the help of parents or the people around him.
Actually finger food itself is not a determinant of good nutrition, nevertheless the primary function as a conduit finger food that is nutritional or supplemental nutrition for your baby. Therefore, the selection of finger food should be made with care.
When the first baby will feel strange to finger food provided by parents. Where the provision of finger food itself must be preceded by an introduction. Here are tips to introduce the baby finger food that you can refer to.
Tips Introduce Finger Food In Infants
Give Food Soft
Finger food is recommended to be given to infants. Even so, you should select food that is soft and can be easily digested by the baby. Choose baby food easily melted in the mouth. Fingger healthy food among them are fruits and vegetables. For some types of vegetables, you can choose vegetables that have been cooked with considerable maturity, and not make babies trouble when chewed.
Invite Kids to Know Eating Family
Introduce family eating patterns can be done as the introduction of finger food in infants. Encourage your child to sit at the dinner table with the family. When that you can introduce some easy meals to make it mobile. Healthy finger food that you can introduce to your baby is healthy fruits that have been cut into small pieces. Try as cut tailored to the capabilities of your baby. So that your baby is getting in the mood for eating finger food that you have prepared, you can put fruit is cut on dinner plates unique baby.
Avoid Finger Food That Will Make Choking Infant
In addition to healthy and nutritious food, finger food given to infants should provide comfort and not easy to make a baby to choke. But avoid to give a piece of uncooked vegetables and fruits with hard texture, peanuts, kacan nuts, seeds, raisins and other dried fruit. Also avoid giving pieces of cheese, peanut butter, chewing gum, hard candy, popcorn and so forth. Giving candy and other sticky foods, in addition to easily create a choking baby teeth will also affect growth.
Cut Food Fit Food Texture
When you are serving finger food for the baby, you should adjust the texture of the food itself. That piece of food you serve for the baby to be small to vary their size adapted to the texture of the food. For example, apples should be cut smaller than the watermelon, so it's more easily when crushed.
Avoid Forced To Spend Portion Baby Food
When introduced in the baby finger food, but food that you give is not all gone, you should not feel upset. In addition to food that is not spent, it may be your baby also will play only those foods. The introduction of finger food will not be much different with the introduction of complementary foods when the first age of 6 months. In recognition of these foods should be done gradually. Your role as a parent here is direct so that your child knows how to feed themselves. If your baby refuses, avoid forcing them. You can introduce it again later.
Things To Look For When Introduce fingger Food In Infants
Worried choke surely you would feel when introducing a finger food to the baby. Even so you have to keep believing in your child, do not be too hasty to remove food inside her mouth. In addition will transmit germs from the hands of a parent or caregiver, it will also undermine the confidence the child develop the ability to chew food properly.
Teach your baby chew well. The trick is to do the chewing motion in front of your child so that he will follow the movement you do.
Although the food you give soft and easily melted in the mouth of the baby, but you should still pay attention to when she eats. Because it is possible your baby will choke. So a few tips introduce finger food in infants. May be useful.

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