Tips for Choosing the Right Breast pump

Tips on choosing the right breast pump must be known mothers who express milk for her baby decided for reasons of busy work so that no one chose.

Feeding the baby must be done by a mother until the age of the baby at least 6 months. Once the baby is 6 months of age, he has been introduced in the feeding. Nevertheless, breast-feeding should still be done up to 2 year old child. ASI is itself a major food source and the first baby. In milk are many nutritional benefits for health, growth and growing baby.

Tips for Choosing the Right Breast pump

However, sometimes some mothers decide not to breastfeed their children for various reasons. Breast milk is supposed to be an essential input for the little guy be replaced with formula milk. Although the price formula used to replace mother's milk is expensive, but its contents can not match breast milk.

Some of the reasons that makes mothers decide not to breastfeed their babies because of health problems or because the activity outside the home. For those of you who have busy outside the home still can give milk to the beloved baby. Although I could not feed him directly, but you can give up breastfeeding baby. Before leaving work you can pump breast milk for supplies in advance as long as you are not at home. Pumping breast milk itself can not be separated from the tool breast pump, although some mothers decide to pump her breast milk by hand.

Pumping breast milk by hand is considered difficult by some mothers, in addition they also often feel pain. Therefore, most women choose to pump breast milk using a breast pump. Where to express milk with a breast pump is considered the most effective and efficient. In addition to expressing milk that process becomes easy and fast, the milk produced would be much higher.

Because it involves the baby, in the process of pumping things you should consider not only how to pump breast milk to produce milk that much only. But you must also consider other factors, such as eg breast pump apparatus itself. Selection and use of a breast pump should not be carelessly or recklessly. Choosing a breast pump that is good and right will make you feel more comfortable because it will not give any side effects, so the pumping process continues to run smoothly and your baby is getting enough milk in a period of growth and development.

Through the Nursing Mothers Association or AIMI, the government advised not to choose the type squeeze bulb pump breast milk or breast pump funnel-like trumpet. If you feel difficulty in choosing the right breast pump, the following tips on choosing a breast pump that you can refer to.

Tips on Choosing Breast pump

In terms of security

The first thing you should consider when choosing a breast pump that is in terms of security. Most existing breast pump made of plastic material. Therefore, when selecting a breast pump make sure if you choose a breast pump made of plastic material that is safe. To be sure, you can see from the packaging or plastics used for packaging the milk pump. Be sure to choose a pump with materials that are safe for your baby. It would be better to choose the type of plastic material used as a breast pump Polyehylene High Density (HDPE) or plastic-free Bisphenol A (BPA).

type Pump

Note also the type of breast pump you choose. Choose the type of piston-type pump breast milk. Should avoid choosing a breast pump types trumpet. Because the pump breast milk with those types will make you harder when pressure when pumping breast milk. While breast pump cylindrical shape, but will make you more comfortable, also easy to clean.

Select meets the needs

Should choose a breast pump according to need. Choose a pump according to your abilities like eg manual breast pump, the pump is equipped with a battery, electricity or others. If you have more time to pump breast milk, then you can use a manual breast pump types. Whereas if you have limited time, then you can choose a breast pump with a battery.

Choose Breast pump Easy to Clean

Cleanliness and your baby's health is an important thing to consider. Because it involves the intake of the child, then keep clean breast pump is an important thing you should do. If a pump is used not clean, the dirt or bacteria will contaminate your breast milk for the small dairy. The use of a breast pump in the long term, it is therefore important to care for and clean up the breast pump. Choose a pump that is easier to clean. Avoid choosing a breast pump is equipped with a rubber suction as you will be difficult to clean.

Consider ASI Suction Power

ASI suction power you need to consider when choosing a breast pump. Suction power itself will allow you to squeeze the milk. Choosing a pump with a high suction power will make you sick compared to pumps with a low suction power. Low pump suction power itself known with manual type pump. If you prefer this type of electric breast pump, then you should choose a pump that has a power set.

Thus, for those of you who decide to pump breast milk and choose the pump by using a breast pump, you should adjust to your needs and also note in terms of safety and health. Those are some tips on choosing a breast pump. May be useful.

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